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14 June, 2006

Psyche and Eros - Part Thirteen

Hermes was sitting at the door to Zeus's Palace at Mount Olympus.

'Yo! Dude of the winged feet! How's it hanging, man?' asked Eros as he arrived.

'Oh, it's all cool, man. How's the beach bunny going you been hanging with? I heard you've been getting your foamballed by your mother,' replied Hermes.

'Yeah, it's like all chop and no break. Not a tube in site, and nothing but seagulls and Barneys.'

'Heavy,' replied Hermes.

'Anyway, I'm here to see the old beachcomber his self!'

'Dude, go right in. He's acting bleak today. I think it's brainfreeze.'

Eros entered and went to the court room where Zeus was normally sitting on his throne meditating on the state of the world.

'Eros, how's it hanging, grommit?' greeted Zeus.

'Dude, it's total bogus. Like, Brand-X state of zen.' replied Eros.

'Heavy! What's the forecast?'

'Well, I got this cute beach bunny, only my mom the Betty's acting like a real brodad and cutting in front, dropping in and generally making the ride turn completely jivel, man.'

'Dude, we gotta call the line together and kick it all into place.'

With that, Zeus decided to call all the Gods and Goddesses together for a counsel to sort the mess out.

'Hermes, dude. Listen up, I've got something I need you to dig. Dump this heavy wave on the line as a gang buster. Gotta get them together for a dawn raid on the waves. Make sure they don't go aggro or anything, I don't need no one harshing my mellow man!'

With those instructions Hermes flew off to gather the gods and goddesses of Olympus together for a counsel.

Hermes, being the messenger god, was able to speak in a language down to earth of all the gods and goddesses to understand. After all, they don't all talk surfer talk.

Hermes, was not only a translator, he was also a diplomat, and was able to get the gods and goddess together ready for a dawn meeting at Mount Olympus in order to discuss the issues.