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20 June, 2006

Psyche and Eros - EBook

Sorry for the lack of updates. Was very busy with the World Cup, Work and preparing the Psyche and Eros EBook for all to download. The link above connects you to the Psyche and Eros story in EBook form. Within the ebook is permission to copy and distribute the work to friends, neighbours, your enemies (if you think it's that bad), that guy that calls you Bill all the time ... anyone. I have stuck a copyright notice on the front page, as well as the 'Permission to copy and distribute' bit on the contents page. Basically, you can't charge money to copy or distribute this ebook, but you can share if for free. When I get back to Perry Pooter, I'll try and do something similar for that as well. I'll probably make a button for it, and stick it and other ebook buttons in the sidebar once I get around to my major overhaul of the site. For those who didn't read the story, or who can't be bothered going back and looking through the blog for it all, well, the ebook is there for you to download. :-)