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14 June, 2006

You Know You've Been Watching Too Much World Cup ...

Twenty Reasons: You know as a blogger that you've been watching too much World Cup when ... 1. You go to a blog, and can't remember who the owner of the blog is. This is especially embarrassing when it is called www.[bloggers name].com, and you still are unsure where you are. 2. You start to fall asleep during work ... more than normal. You dream you are a butterfly who dreams he is a soccer player dreaming he is a butterball. 3. You wonder why your comment from the previous day has disappeared. You are furious that they've deleted it. You click on 'comments' and write a scathing attack on censorship only to find your comment was always there ... It's your own blog. 4. You know you read the post yesterday that you are now reading ... it's all familiar, as you read it you remember it all ... except, you have to keep reading, as you can't remember how it ended! 5. People complain your comments are making sense. 6. People complain you aren't writing as much ... okay, only some of us write that much ... lol 7. You write love comments in someones comment box ... you hope it is someone you like/know. 8. You write a duplicate comment ... twelve hours apart. 9. You reply to your own comments, disagreeing with your last opinion and calling yourself names! 10. You hallucinate that you are not a blogger but a soccer player named Dabidiniho. 11. You have a different team in every game ... sometimes changing allegiance halfway through the match, or even every ten minutes. 12. Your score predictions start to come true. Even the stupid ones. This is even true when the score is somewhat removed from what you wrote on someone elses blog. 13. You know every player on every team, where they were born, what club they play for, their position on the field, their prefered foot and their mothers maiden name. 14. You are so blur, you can only read the clock in terms of Kick-off game 1, Kick-off Game 2, Kick-off Game 3. 15. Daytime is work time, night time is soccer time ... somewhere in between is eat time and going to the toilet time ... there used to be a sleep time, but it is now only a distant memory. 16. You now know every teams national anthem, including the words regardless of the language it is written in. 17. You breath a sigh of relief when one of your usuals hasn't updated. Instead of 'UPDATE! UPDATE! UPDATE!' you write in their comments, 'THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU!' 18. The person you wrote love letters to replies ... you still aren't sure who they are ... but they speak Swahili, are the son / daughter of a recently deposed President and want to send you $1 million provided you open a bank account for them. 19. A meme is like the worst exam you've ever taken in your life. You wonder why you never crammed for it the night before! You still don't remember which teacher set these questions or what subject you were studying to get it. 20. You can't remember which teams were playing in the matches the night before, but it was either Brazingland Verses Crotogo or was Mexatina and South Frintaly. You ask someone and they assure you it was Cote Angnegro Versus Portukraguay.