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17 June, 2006

A Little Late ... but done! :-)

Thanks to Pinacolada for this meme. Apologies for taking so long to get to it. 10 years ago I was:

  • 31 years old
  • Married
  • Working two jobs and bringing in a LOT of money [pity the ex and her BF ran off with it all!]
  • 63 KG [as opposed to almost 100KG today!]
  • Got all High Distinction at University for all my 1996 subjects.
5 years ago I was:
  • Living in Sydney - I'd spent part of the previous year travelling around Europe ... I miss Europe.
  • Went Scuba diving with Hammerhead sharks
  • Went mountainbike riding through rainforests
  • Bought myself a Guitar for my 36th B'day, and had a great B'Day party where I paid for everyones pizzas and got to serenade a Japanese Girl named Momoko. :-)
  • Working thirteen plus hours each day, but management kept calling me lazy.
1 year ago I was:
  • Doing volunteer work for the local Police and Citizens Youth Centre
  • Wondering what to do with my life
  • Writing a lot on my blog ... so nothings changed
  • Wishing I was anywhere but here in Perth.
  • Painting, writing, doing the starving artist thing.
Yesterday I was:
  • Helping my mother clean the spare room and taking her to the dentist
  • Seeing clients about more work.
  • Extremely tired from World Cup Blur/Fatigue/ whatever you wanna call it
  • Wishing I was anywhere except Perth
  • Reading too many blogs, and designed a Banner for someone's blog. [If they want it].
5 most recent songs I listened to:
  • Am I Not Pretty Enough For You - Casey Chambers
  • Highway 64 / Hope Wish Pray / Kryptonite / Calamine Lotion Boy - all by Pippa Drysdale
  • Dark Side of the Moon Album - Pink Floyd
  • Vertigo - U2
  • Icarus Wings / Slow Fuse / plus numerous other songs - my own [aka by Dabido].
5 songs I know all the words to:
  • Most Pink FloydSongs
  • Most Led Zepplin Songs
  • Most Beatle Songs
  • Most of my Own Songs
  • Most Nirvana Songs
5 ideal places for runing away to:
  • Firenzi [Florence], Italy [Yes, I love this place! Anyone want to run away there with me?]
  • Japan
  • South America
  • Europe
  • Asia/Africa/Antarctica/Sydney/Oceania ... lets face it, I wanna go everywhere possible
5 items I really want:
  • HUGE Italian Villa
  • Loving Wife
  • Children
  • A better looking body
  • A dream job as an artist, musician, writer, etc
5 things I should be doing right now:
  • Sleeping
  • Exercising
  • Cleaning my office space up
  • Helping My Mother
  • Designing my GIMP2 Course
5 biggest joys in life:
  • Over Acheiving
  • Being Loved
  • Being Stressless
  • Being Creative
  • Playing Guitar
5 people I tag:
  • You Can
  • Grab This
  • If You
  • Wish To
  • Do It