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13 June, 2006


You know what, my mother has been totally amazed by two things last night. First, she is amazed at my total faith in the Australian Soccer team. Second, she was totally amazed at my prediction that once Cahill got on the pitch we'd score two goals. ;-) So, this is how the night panned out for me. 8:30 PM, the telecast of the soccer show started, where they gave all the predictions and stuff as to who would win, who was injured etc. 9 PM, game started. Australia looked good. We seemed to have most of the possession, good field position etc. Always putting the Japanese defense under pressure ... then suddenly disaster struck. Our goalkeeper was knocked over by two Japanese attackers, and the ball bounced in. Yeah, the Referee on seeing the replay admitted he'd got it wrong and it should ahve been a free kick to Australia and not a goal ... but, you know how it is, once the referee says it's a goal, it stands. So, we were down 1-0 against Japan. All through the match my mtoher (who goes for Enland by the way), kept telling me Australia was done for and we had no chance. I kept telling her, 'No, wait till Cahill gets on the pitch. It'll be a whole new soccer match. I bet once he gets on Australia will score two goals!' Well, technically I was wrong, we didn't score two! WE SCORED THREE GOALS!!! w00t! But, it happened as I said it would. Cahill on the pitch, suddenly Australia had new attacking potential and Cahill scored two. w00t! He is the first AND second Australian ever to score in a world cup tournament. And like my mother kept telling me, she was amazed that I never ever lost faith. I was never sad, I never wavered in my belief that Cahill was going to turn the match around. She had constantly pointed out that the fans in the stadium looked sad, dejected, lost ... she kept telling me that everyone in Australia had given up ... my brother Jeff at one stage said he was going to bed as the match was over, but I convinced him to stay. As he said later, he was glad I convinced him to stay and watch the match. The Aussie team was absolutely awesome. [Yes, I am a little prejudiced ... but you know, I have said time and time again Australia will win this world cup! Yes, I am probably stupid! BUT, I am full of blind faith!] :-) My mother keeps telling me that when we meet England, they'll kick our butts! Then she askes when we're going to play them ... and I have to explain how the group system works. So, it might be that we won't meet England at all ... we have to beat Brazil first ... which I have pure blind faith we will win that one as well! [Don't you love people like me ... I don't need facts, I have my faith!] They're running an Ad in Australia at the moment where they point out that Australia doing any good in the World Cup is almost impossible. We have history against us ... and in a very Aussie fashion the catch cry is