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16 June, 2006

Psyche and Eros - Part Fifteen

'Ahem,' said Hermes. 'If I may be so bold as to suggest that Athena take the floor.'

'Athena?' asked Zeus. 'My daughter, the computer nerd? Like, a total Thelma of the gods. Man, that's a heavy ask.'

'Excuse my suggestion,' said Hermes. 'But, she does have nine degrees, three masters and two doctorates. As the only one of us actually with pieces of papers, called Credentials, she really is the only one qualified to work this all out.'

The rest of the gods had no idea what Hermes had said, but they had to admit that he was usually right on these sorts of things.

'#!, 45 1337 45 1 m4y 533M, 1 N0 5um 0f U h4v3 d1ff1cu17y und3r574nd1ng m3.'

Hermes translated. 'She said, that as incredibly intelligent as she is, she knows that most of you don't understand a word she says.'

'You can thhhay that again,' said Dionysus. 'Thesthhhe stttthhmart chicks pithhh me orfff talkin' ovfffer my head!'

'Mi 5ugg35710n 2 U 411, !5 w3 4110w p5yc#3 2 dr!Nk fr0m t#3 cUp 0f !mm0r741!7y'

'Athena suggests,' said Hermes. 'That we allow Psyche to sip from the cup of immortality, thus making her immortal like us. As she would no longer be a mortal, Aphrodite can have no problem with Eros marrying her. Thus, Psyche will become as we are, and the marriage would be legitimate in the eyes of the assembly of god, goddesses and assorted immortal souls.'

'You thhhinksth you're tho sthmart,' said Dionysus. 'If I had my way, I'd makth you scweem like a pigth!'

'Yeah, sure you could,' said Athena as she poked her spear through Dionysus' right testicle.

The rest of the gods and goddesses broke into talk at the suggestion. It seemed to satisfy everyones needs.