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13 June, 2006

Psyche and Eros - Part Twelve

Psyche fell into a deep sleep. In fact, she might have slept forever, except news of her plight made the six o'clock news. Eros, locked in his room, with nothing else to do was channel surfing when he saw the news piece on her. Realising he was still in love with Psyche, his heart melted and he decided to do something about it. He was feeling a lot better from his burns, so the only real problem he faced was getting out of his room in order to go and aid her. He waited. When his mother Aphrodite came to tend to him, he switched the television to a soap opera he'd recored earlier. 'Oh, Ridge. You know I've always loved you.' 'Now listen, Logan. I can't marry you again. Mother's furious and Nic still wants to marry you.' 'No, it's over between me and Nic. Nic wants Bridgette. Besides, you know I'm the only one for you.' As his mother got interested in the Bold and the Beautiful, Eros stole the key to his room from her. He unlocked the door and flew immediately to where Psyche lay in a deep sleep. 'Oh, Psyche,' said Eros. 'You know I've always loved you, dudette ... um ... er ... I think I caught that wave somewhere before! Oh yeah, the idiot box said that earlier!' Eros wiped the sleep from Psyche's eyes and Psyche awoke. 'Eros?' she said in amazement. 'Yo, it's me, dudette. I can't stop thinking of you. I'm, still hanging for your groove baby.' 'But, I burnt you so bad. How can you still love me?' 'You dropped in on me bad baby, but it was an accident. I can't surf the waves if it means surfing without you. You're like the sex* wax on my surfboard. Ride the wave back to the palace with me, baby.' 'But, what about your mother? She'll never let us live in peace.' 'I'm going to eyeball the Zeus man. He's like, the King of the Gods. When he catches the vibes on how our love breaks like no other, he'll crack a barnie over the old womans head.' With that Eros flew to Mount Olympus in order to see Zeus. 'I wish I had the slightest notion what he just said,' Psyche said to herself. 'I'll just trust him that it was all good!' *Sex Wax is a brand of surfboard wax.