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22 June, 2006

Dr Seuss

Before Titoki removed her site, she asked us to write some captions for her pictures ... well, the pictures are gone ... this was my attempt. Congrates to Simple American for winning the little competition. Anyway, here was my poem I wrote for the pics. Not quite as funny without the pictures. So, use your imagination! :-) The Dr Seuss version: Pic One: In the driveway, the new car sat, With it's new owner, the girl in the hat. The car wanted to drive, it wanted to play, But the girl in the hat stood in it's way. Pic Two: 'If you want to drive, inside you must sit,' Said the new car to the hat girls arm pit. Pic Three: At the back door, stood the girl in the hat, You can't drive a car, when you're standing like that! Pic Four: The car got real angry, in fact it was cut, Cause that girl in the hat had her hand on his butt! Pic Five: Said the new car, 'This is not what I seek, That girl is now standing, with us cheek to cheek!' Pic Six: The girl in the hat, stood holding his visor, But as for a drive, He was non the wiser. Pic Seven: So the girl in the hat, stood out the front, 'I've had enough of this girl, I'll run over this runt.' With pedal to metal he shifted his stick, Changed into gear and ran over the chick. The camera person, just wasn't that quick, So I'm sorry to say, there isn't a pic!