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11 May, 2006

MiniPoll - If Dabido Was the Last Man On Earth ...

Yes, some of you ocassionally notice my little MiniPolls in the side bar and click on them. Ever wonder how they're going? Ever wonder what other people are saying about Dabido? Ever wonder about peopel who collect toe nail clippings? [I know I do] Well, at least I can answer the simple question about the MiniPolls. Here are the results so far for one of them (there are six different polls I have running altogether!). If Dabido was the last man on Earth ... and there were still a few billion women. [Other than Lainie and Kitten being in heaven ... ] :-)
  • Four people will become religious (or already are)
  • One person might consider actualyl dating me! w00t! I am so in!
  • One person wants me to take them shopping ... probably as a crowd controller at all them shoe sales!
  • One person would find an extra bullet just to make sure there were no men left. [Ow! Why shoot me ... it would mean the end of this blog ... um ... did I just answer my own question?]
  • Two people believe I'll be exhausted ... probably from running away from the person with the gun I think. :-)
  • One person beleives I will finally ARRIVE at my Rock Star status . w00t! Dabido wanna rock!
  • And SIX people believe we'll just rename the planet Lesbian World. [Which means I probably ain't getting any! So no change!] ;-)