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05 May, 2006

Three Cars, ony two garters!

I've owned three cars in my life. Two of them have had garters hanging from the rearview mirror. Here is the story of the cars, and the garters. The first car was a little Toyota Corolla, which came only with an undercoat of grey. I soon bought a heap of black spray cans and spray painted it black. Thus it's name, the Black Beast (aka The Bear Mobile One). I was hoping to eventually spray paint it with big orange, red and yellow flames on the hood, but never got around to it. Shortly before I bought it ... well, about a year before I bought it, I'd caught a garter at a friends wedding. Those not familiar with the garter toss, it's similar to when the bride throws the bouquet and allt he single females try to catch it ... excet in this case, the single males try to catcha garter! I caught it ... which annoyed a lot of the guys who actually wanted it. What to do with the garter? Well, eventually when I bought the car, I decided to hang it from the rear-view mirror ... thus starting a small trend. Thus, Bear Mobile One had a Blue garter with white ribbons. The car had poor handling, and no brakes! Basically, it was a death trap waiting to happen. Whenever it rained, it had such bad traction that it often aqua-planed across roads, and I'd have to slow down very early in order to stop in time at any traffic light. There was not doubt the car was an accident waiting to happen, and one day while going to pick my GF up, it started raining ... and as I went around a corner, the car skidded off the road and into a tree, smashing the front up. This was just in front ofmy GF's place too, and apparently my GF's mother heard the crash and said to my GF that it was ME! Darn that woman for being right!!! :-) Anyway, the car was still perfectly operable ... so I drove her to work. THEN, one day, on the way home from work, it started to rain again ... similar thing happened ... off the road, into an embankment. Luckily no one was nearby! After some home panelbeating on the front, the car was good to go again ... Yeah, I was a wreckless twenty three / four year old at the time. Well, eventually, the GF and I decided to become fiances and we decided it was tie to get rid of the death trap and get a car which worked. So, we traded the black beast in for the Brown Beast (aka The Bear Mobile Two). The Brown Beast was also a Toyota Corolla ... but a much newer one. My fiance at the time decided that the new car needed a new garter ... so we decided that when we got married, we'd throw one garter in the garter toss, and we'd buy a second one to put in the Brown Beast. Thus, the Brown Beast got a black garter with red ribbons. The Brown Beast served us many a good day, and eventually we got divorced and the Brown Beast blew and engine and was sold. I am very angry about the engine blowing, as I put the car in to have the radiator serviced, and they didn't fix it. In fact, they even disconnected the radiator hose somehow. On a long journey from Sydney to Armidale (eight hour drive), the engine suddenly stopped, and I heard strange tinkling sounds ... those tinkling sounds ended up being the inside of the engine ... it had melted! Arrrrrgh! The mechanic looked at the car, and told me about the radiator hose not being attached ... also, the radiator hadn't been cleaned or anything like the original mechanics were supposed to do! I was furious, though the insurance company wouldnt' pay out either, claiming that I could have be the person who disconnectd the radiator hose! FRIGGGGGGG! One perfectly good car destroyed due to bloody incompetence from the mechanics and not able to be replaced due to a gutless insurance company! Well, I had a new engine installed and the radiator cleaned in the car. The radiator was still playing up extremely bad ... and I pointed that out to the guy who brought the car off me! He had a friend who worked as a mechanic, and was taking the car straight there to get the radiator fixed. Thus, the brown beast was farewelled and I went in search of a new car. My third car, the garterless Bear Mobile Three is a red Proton Satria. I've owned it since 1997 (same year I seperated from the missus). When I originally bought it, I was planning to get a white garter with red ribbons, to match the fact that the car was red. The poor Bear Mobile Three has been through a lot as well. I bought it brand new, and one month after I'd bought it, I was working back late ... I arrived back at the local train station at one AM to find someone had jumped up and down on the roof, caving it in. B@$T@RD$!!!!! ONEONEONE!!!!11111!!!!ONEONEONE!!!111 So, straight away it had a four thousand dollar panel beating job to have done to it. Then, later, I had to go work on a weekedn (which I was never paid for mind you), and a bus drove into the back of my car! ONEONEONE!!!111!!! and drove away! ONEONEONE!!!1111!!!! It only made a small dent, and nto much damage, so I didn't bother to get it fixed. While living near Lakemba, it had the number plates stolen. Apparently, they got attached to another car some where and used in some crime. Then, someone broke into the car taking the CD player along with my favourite Bush CD - Sixteen Stone! B@$T@RD$!!!! ONEONEONE!!!!11111!!!!ONEONEONE!!!!1111!!! The police arrived, and inspite of a witness to the two guys who broek into my car and stole the CD player apparently there was nothing that could be done ... to make matters worse, I contacted the Insurance company, and they refused to pay for the CD player, dispite the fact that it was insured on the policy for $1500, they claimed it was worth less than the $400 excess I had to pay! B@$T@RD$!!!!!!!!!!!!111111111111111!!!!ONEONEONEONEONEONE!!!!!!!!1111111111111!!!!! Needless to say, I switched insurance companies ... so that company has lost thousands of dollars in premiums for being a gutless wonder of insurance. If they bothered to pay for the Engine and the CD player, they would have made more than that back in my premiums ... but no, you lost money because of your gutless tight @r$ed ways NRMA!!!! [Yes, I named you NRMA ... you suck as an insurance company you W@NK3R$!!!!ONeONEONE!!! As far as I'm concerned you still owe me one engine, one radiator and one CD Player complete with my Bush CD!!! And it's not just money from my premiums you've been missing, I'm sure there are a lot more dissatisfied customers out there who have also left!!!] Anywat, while still insured with them, I went to Europe, and my flatmate was left in charge of my car. I returned to find she'd had it washed and waxed ... wow! Great! Fantastic! Then, she told me about something I'd missed! She'd hit a gate and made a huge dent in the left hand side! D'oh!!!! But, inspite of an agreement that she'd pay any excess if she damaged the car, she refused! Thus, the car was left with a dent in the side ... which it still has to this day. I did get a quote froma guy, and apparently it is about $1500 to fix! ONEONEONE!! FRIGGIN' EVIL FLATMATE!!!!!!ONEONEONEONE!!!!1111!!!!! Needless to say, when my insurance came up, I didn't bother to get insured with NRMA, as I can't be bothered with a company who never pays. What's the point, they just take your money and refuse to pay when you have a legitimate claim!!!! So, I switched to AAMI. I feel a little sorry for AAMI, as soon after I swithed to them, I was crossing the Nullabour plains, and a stupid Kangaroo lept in front of the car, causing another $4500 damage (of which I paid the excess of $500). Unlike thier counterparts, they gladly paid to have the car fixed. Lucky for them too, as they've more than made the money back with my premiums! The poor car hasn't got any garters and luckily hasn't been in any more accidents or people smashing it up or anything. So, should I get a garter for The Bear Mobile Three? Or should I wait till I get a GF or something, and have her decide?