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08 May, 2006

Aimlessly Aimless!

I read Justin's review of Yukio Mishima's 'Sea of Fertility' series (Tetralogy) over at Swifty's site. I must admit, it's been about a week or so since I visited Swifty's site. Anywat, I always enjoy Justin's thoughts on writers, especially Japanese writers like Kawabata and stuff. Andeveryone who knows me, knows that Yukio mishima is my favourite writer of all time. As Justin has expressed (and I've expressed in the past), the fact that Mishima never received a Nobel prize is just beyond me. I mean, I know the guy was pretty warped, but after all, isn't that what makes someone a good writer (remind me to get more warped, i ahve to improve my writing skills). Well, Justin's review is pretty long, so make sure you have an hour to read through it all! ;-) Well, not really that much time ... but, it is pretty intense, and I personally think it is well worth the effort. It encouraged me in two things I haven't done in a while, first, to get back to reading serious literature, like Capote, Salinger, Mailer etc; and secondly to get back to some of my serious writing. Let's face it, I haven't cleaned up my 'NaNoWriMo' novel, which I was hoping to clean up and do a re-write of this year and attempt to get it published ... so, there is plenty to do there. Also, I have my Solipsism Science Fiction novel to finish ... plus about ten or twenty other things I just never did get to either finishing or cleaning up with re-writes! So, I was all ready to get stuck into some writing ... but I was still hoping aroundthe blogsphere reading here, commenting there ... just being the usual Dabido, when I came across a blgo which had some pretty kewl music playining the background. [No Paul, I'm not talking about the emo song you linked to in Kitten's comment section .. though that's pretty kewl too!] It was some other blog ... and to be honest, I can't remember who's it was, as I was just doing my random blog thing, and looking for intersting stuff to read ... so it wasn't one of my usual haunts. Anywat, it got me thinking about my 'OTHER PROJECTS' [if I may call them that], mainly my music ... so I opened up my MP3 and Wave file collection of my own music ... bad demos, half recorded stuff, poorly engineered stuff et hoc genus omne ... and I got all excited over my music, thinking to myself, I have to get stuck into recording, and re-recording most of this stuff ... just a LOT of work. Then, I realised, I'm being my usual aimless self. I'm so interested in almost EVERYTHING ON THE PLANET!!! Somedays I wish I could control the impulsive side of me ... like most strengths, it is also a weakness. On the one hand, my aimless uncontrollable thirst for trying to get everything into my head often results in never getting a most things done. On the other hand though, it's also why I tend to know a LOT about a lot of different things. [Or more truely, a lot about some things, and something about almost everything!] Somedays it's truely an aimless, forever wandering mind, and other days it results in me being seemingly highly versatile ... but geees, it's annoying when I can't control my mind like most people can! I also then did something else which always perks my interest in music too ... I started listening to other peoples music ... first my own stuff ... then techno stuff, like Prodigy, Underworld, Hardfloor, Eclipse 8 ... then I got into 'Everyone's a Winner' by Hot Chocolate [which one of my old best friends chose as my theme song for me]. Then, I started listening to an old Simple Minds album ... yes, I'm old, don't remind me! :-) Now, earlier than THAT, I was reading Other Kenny's blog, whcih was linked to Sandra's Blog ... whcih was linked to so many ARTIST sites that it wasn't funny ... yes, at that time of night I was seriously thinking about my art work and how I needed to get stuck into that ... ...and of course, even earlier, when I was writing my own post, I was seriously thinking about my computer course tomorrow that I have to run ... and other computer type things, thinking to myself that I really need to get stuck into my computer studies and getting some more certifications completed ... Then there was the e-mail from the Western Australian Music Industry ... the letter from the Australian Writers Guild ... I'm just so easily distracted that it's annoying!!!! And when I do try to stick to just one thing ... I get bored and NEED to go searching for more stimulation for my brain activity!!!! Argh! And there is NEVER EVER enough time to get through everything! Waaaah! This is what happens when you DON'T use drugs, or drink or abuse oneself!!!! :-) And during all of this, I just miss being in Sydney so much!!!! Waaaaah! And then I want to go travelling again! Waaah! Life SUX! lol :-)