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07 May, 2006

This is a bit weird!

I discovered something today ... was checking technocrati (which I have to admit I don't check too often), and discovered these two links to my site: My story about my cars and garters turned up here! And the story about my cousins wedding turned up here! And I wonder if this post will turn up on both those blogs as well ... it seems one picks up on the words 'black bride' [my car story] and the other one turns up with keywords 'bridal party', 'reception' and 'announcement'. Obviously, whoever is running those blogs are just using bots to find blog stories to include on the site. Only, I doubt that either of my posts have the right content to be included on those sites! Lets face it, most blogs SHOULD have some idea as to what the are about. It appears to me that these two are concerned with 'Honeymoons in Mexico' and 'Wedding Receptions', respectively. My car/garter story has NOTHING to do with Honeymoons in Mexico, and as such the blog admin should remove my story from their blog. The wedding reception one ... well, it will depend on how the Blog Admin views my story. I guess there is some content there that might be useful to anyone who wants a Medieval wedding similar to my cousins Clifton & Tiana. At the end of the day, my blog is really just about me, my thoughts, my opinions etc ... well, sounds more self indulgent than I think it is ... or maybe not! :-) But, some people blog in a personal way. That's kewl. Personal blogs ina way are good, as they can go anywhere, and do anything ... it's a very free form of blogging. No restrictions. Some blog around specific interests. In the case of the above links, weddings ... therefore, before posting anything up, I think it should be flagged first, and then a blog admin can read it and either accept or reject it. OR, if they insist on the bot doing the hard work, THEN they need a better bot! In any case, I don't mind people linking to me if they think I write interesting stuff, or think I should be read. However, I'm not the sort of person who wants the free publicity associated with someone linking to me just because I've included 'keywords' in my posts. In other words, I don't want to be linked to if someone hasn't even read my posts, or if they don't like what I write about. In a way I'm lucky in my lack of popularity, as I'd hate people to link to me just because it's 'TRENDY'! [Not that popular people are linked to for the wrong reason either]. Let's face it, I'm probably better as a commentator than I am as a blogger, because I usually like to think and reflect on things others have written, and either lend a hand, or try to make people laugh ... [yes, if you get some comment that looks like I'm being a smartass, then I'm probably trying to be funny!] ;-) At the end of the day, I guess I am saying I'd prefer to be appreciated for being 'me' rather than because some bot picked up 'black', 'bride', 'wedding', 'reception' or any other keyword in order to fill up someone elses web content. People following those links would be arriving here for all the wrong reasons. Lets face it, if they come here looking for wedding ideas, they've wasted their time and money, and it comes down to poor bot blogging. Will this become the trend of the future, bots selecting content for blogs, and the individual blogger fades into insignificance as the readers spends all their spare time sorting out the wheat from the chafe? I hope not. What's your opinion?