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08 May, 2006

When your client runs out of cash!!!

Was awoken this morning with a phone call from one of my clients. The print server they had decided to cease functioning! It was dead, it was pushing up the daisies, it was an ex-print-server! Well, I told them to give me an hour or two and I'd be there ... then, an hour and a half later I was there! :-) I spent two hours mucking about on the computer and eventually got it working absolutely fabulous. While I was there though, the two Assistant Managers, who do their accounts, informed the manager that they were BROKE! NO MONEY! NOT A CENT! All because of a huge bill by Chubb security. Chubb had sent a guy over who installed another security sensor. Took him three hours ... and cost $1000. Half of that was for the time he was there. After I finished fixing the computer up (had some weird problem. You turned it on, and it got to a blank screen with a cursor and just sat there doing nothing.) Anyway, I did the drastic thing and re-installed the operating system. I don't like doing that, as most problems normally have a logic explanation as to why they occur. I'd tried all sorts of other things first, managing to get the computer to blue screen, or end up back at the blank screen ... so, a re-installation was all I could think of for the beast. When I finished, I asked them how much they wanted me to charge (gees, I'll go broke at this rate!) They said, One Hour ... so I only charged them for one hour. While I was there,someone came up and asked me about the course I am running tomorrow. I was like, 'Course? What course?' Apparently, I'm running a computer training course tomorrow, and no one had told me. I was lucky someone brought it up. I then asked the manager about it, and YEAH, I'm running a course tomorrow afternoon! He was a bit shocked when I'd asked, and had to look it up. The poor guy must have so much on his mind ... so, at least I know about it now! More cash for me! w00t! Which reminds me, I still have to design an HTML course to run from there as well. Good thing I got called in to fix that problem! :-)