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11 May, 2006

Consumer Dissatisfaction! F*** You Bradford Exchange!

Today has been one of the FRIGGIN' Days you don't want to happen! It's almost 2PM, and I've been unable to get any work or study done as I battle a stupid company over in Sydney regarding their FRIGGIN' Stupidity!!! First, let's start at the begining. My mother ordered one of those stupid panorama things which has to be plugged in as it has lights and everything in it. When it eventually arrived, it came with the wrong adaptor. Basically, it was an adaptor for the US of A, that runs on a different voltage to Australia, and can't be plugged into our wall sockets. So, thinking that this is just a simple mistake, I send them an e-mail asking if they will replace the adaptor for us. They reply saying they are aware of the problem and are sending out a replacement adaptor and we don't need to do anything except wait for the new adaptor. Later on, I phone and pay for the thing on behalf of my mother. I spoke to the operator on the other end of the phone line and she assured me once again, that a replacement adaptor was on the way. THEN, we wait ... and wait ... and wait ... still no adaptor. So, I sent them another e-mail a few weeks ago. They replied with some non-sense about an Elvis panorama that has NOTHING to do with my mother's adaptor! FRIG! FRIG! FRIG! So, I sent them another e-mail. This time they reply saying that they've sent out all the adaptors to the clients, so if we don't have one, we have to send the entire panorama back! Like, this is a limited edition panorama thing [you know, only 1,000 made in the world sort of thing], and so we're a little dubious about sending the whole thing back, as it might 'disappear in transit'. On top of that they send the e-mail addressed to 'Mrs Stevenson'. Obviously things in the gay community have taken over quite a bit, as anyone named David is being address as Mrs in Sydney now-a-days! ONEONEONEONEONE!!!!11111!!!!!! SOOOOOO, I phone them up! Basically, the jist of the phone call was, send the entire thing back or else they won't bother to replace the adaptor! I'm like! FRIG! We don't want to send it back, how about we only send the US adaptor and you send us the correct adaptor? Nope, they don't want to send us the adaptor! They claim they sent all the adaptors out and have none left. SO ... Either we send the entire thing back, or else no replacement. I'm like, 'Well, why don't you just open one of the boxes and just send us the adaptor from the box?' Nope, they don't like that. We have to send the entire thing back or else NOTHING! So, I get off the phone to them, and I call Consumer Affairs. Consumer Affairs has a listen to me, and says, 'Well, if THEY were the ones that said they were going to send an adaptor out, AND I have it in writing, then I am 100% in my rights to demand that they resolve the issue the way both parties had agreed on resolving it to begin with.' I also explained to him we were afraid to send the Panorama back in case it mysteriously gets 'lost in transit'. After all, if we send it and it disappear, then the company can claim they never received it, and as such, can't replace something they never received. They could claim that, as there is no PHYSICAL evidence of us sending it back, that for all they know we might have run off and sold it elsewhere! So, the consumer affairs guy went on to say that, if we send it back, make sure it gets insurance etc placed on the package. That way, if it disappears, we at least have proof and stuff that we did in fact send it. He also says, that if the company doesn't resolve this to our satisfaction, we would then have to take them to small claims court! Waaah! Which would cost us money. [Basically, if prices haven't gone up, that'd be about AUD$500 in court fees. Yes, you can tell I've been to court before ... and I've always left with want I went there to get! Let's face it, I'm not unreasonable, but I'm also not afraid to stand up for my rights.] It'd be a bit of money to spend just to fight over an adaptor that probably only costs $20 or less! It comes down to one of those 'principle' things. Besides, it'd cost them more to send someone from Sydney to stand up here in a court of law and defend themselves from what is basically an undefendable position, and in the end, they'd have to either send us a replacement adaptor (or better yet, just bring the stupid thing to court), or they'd have to pay for all the costs in us insuring and sending the panorama back to Sydney to get replaced ... It'd be a stupid thing to go to court, but will depend on how smart the company is. Like, It's ONLY a friggin' adaptor! Just send us our adaptor like YOU PROMISED YOU FRIGGIN' FRIG FRIG FRIG! Would DO!!!!!! ONEONEONEONE!!!!1111!!!!! It's like been FRIGGIN' MONTHS! ONEONEONE!!!!1111!!!! So, after all has been said and done, I sent them ANOTHER e-mail just advising them that 1. Consumer affairs have told us that we are 100% in our rights to DEMAND (yes, demand) that they resolve this the way THEY TOLD US THEY WOULD IN WRITING!!!!, and 2. if they still insisted on NOT sending us a new adaptor, THEN they could pay for the insurance etc for us to send the panorama back! I also complained about them refering to ME AS 'MRS'!!! ONEONEONE!!!1111!!!! So, if anyone comes across this, and they're from the Bradford Exchange, you can tell your general manager that I have this to say to you all! F*** YOU BRADFORD EXCHANGE! Learn to follow through on your PROMISES!!!! I Hope you lose heaps of customers over this bulls*** you are putting my mother through!!!! Yes, I know my dear readers, it seems trivial ... but you think companies in this day and age would have proper systems in place to resolve such simple things ... Thus ends todays rant!