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09 May, 2006

Two More Wedding Shots!

What a wonderful day I had at work. It's when training people like the students I had today, that you come home happy. They gave me respect, and we had a good time! :-) Anywat, my cousins sent us two new photo's from their wedding. First up, my brother Jeff and myself. [With Red Label in front of us!] Second, the Groom's (my cousin) family with Bridal Party. :-) I'm the one directly behind the groom. Actually, let's just name the lot - Back Row Left to Right: Uncle Dave, Brother In-Law Kimberley, Me (Dabido), my Brother Paul, My Sister In-Law Nerali, My Brother Jeff. Front Row, Left to Right: My Mother, My Nana, Aunty Judy (Behind Nana), Clifton (The Groom), Tiana (The Bride), My Sister Angella, My Uncle John. You thought your relatives lived in the dark ages! lol Just kidding! :-)