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07 May, 2006


Yesterday my brother and I drove to pay off the lounge suite he'd ordered for the house. We got their to discover that the production has been delayed due to them being unable to contact us. Apparently, the fabric my mother had selected was unavailable. We were lucky, as the shop owners gave us the new fabric swabs to take home to show my mother. We just had to have them back to them by Monday. We then went and got my mother the 'Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire' DVD for mother's day. Then, off to the markets to get my brothers computer that he'd ordered. They gave him a free 512Mb thumb drive. Pretty darn kewl I thought. We then went home, got my mother to choose a new colour for the lounge, and back we went to the furniture store. Gave them the swabs back and got our order reconfirmed. So, hopefully in a few weeks, we'll have the lounge we want. My brother went and bought some computer CD's. One is an encyclopedia of gardening, and the other is a language CD. Jeff's pretty good atlanguages, and probably should do some sort of Bachelor of Arts in Linguistics or something. I bought the first and second seasons of 'Family Guy'. I was tempted to buy the third season as well, but I thought I'd spent enough money. The Third season was also more expensive. I saw a copy of the Futurama 15 Disc set that I've been meaning to buy ... so I might buy that sometime in the near future. We got home, and my sister dropped my nephews off while she and my oldest nephew went to the local football game. My nephews love climbing all over me, and at one stage I was lying on the futon we're using as a lounge, pretending to be asleep and my nephews wre climbing all over me and trying to wake me up. Then Joshua decided to try to open my eyes, and poked me in my left eye ... then Elijah decided to try to open my other eye, and poked me in the left eye! Waaaah! Darn getting blinded by my nephews! I was very happy when they'd all left. :-) My mother got a little upset at my sister ... the usual family problem of adding to the truth. Let me explain: Originally my mother was going to go to the fooball game, as it's the local derby. My mother's team is the Eagles, my sisters husband is a big Dockers fan, so my sister and the rest of her family go for the Dockers. Anyway, the nephews were going to be left with her mother in-law ... who hates looking after kids, so she decided she'd go to the game instead, and thus my mother got 'un-invited' to the game, and got left with the nephews. As my mother pointed out, my sisters mother in-law hates football too ... but obviously football is better thanlooking after the nephews. That's not what upset my mother. What upset her was this, the Eales lost the game. My mother was not too upset by it all. When my sister came to pick up her kids though, the brother in-law phoned, and my sister gave him some cock and bull story that my mother was really upset over the loss and was taking it badly. My mother was pretty furious, as she wasn't upset in the least ... but my brother in-law was made happy by the fact that he now beleived that my mother was really upset. As my mother said, there was no need for my sister to lie just to make her husband feel good. It's also pretty nasty that he only seems to be happy when someone else is upset at things. You'd have to meet my brother in-law in order to understand. When his team loses, he gets all sulky and upset and stuff. My mother went to the local derby last year, and the Eagles won, and he was all upset and stuff ... so my sister was making out that my mother was behaving the same way thi year ... when in fact she wasn't. I really wish I was back in Sydney so that I don't have to put up with all this family crap. No one is happy unless someone else is unhappy. It's dumb, stupid and childish. Well, before the arrival of the nephews, Jeff and I had to pack everything away, so that the nephews wouldn't destroy our stuff. It's really an inconvenience, as I have work and other things I need to do ... but, it all has to be packed away prior to their arrival, and with my mother, that normally means one to two days before they actually get there. Oh Sydney, Sydney, why did I ever leave thee to come to Perth! Waaah! Anyway, the neighbours across the road have parties every friggin' weekend, and last night I went to bed at 2:30 AM, and they were still partying with their friggin' music blaring away. I wish I was in a quieter neighbourhood ... but in Perth, they've started building all the houses so close together it isn't funny. I mean, we have a nice big house with a large block ... and we're still annoyed by the lousey neighbours and their constant parties!
This morning I got up, and was in a good mood and was raring to get stuff done. I got up and started an hours jog/walking. The dogs came out with me and Toby ran beside me trying to nip me on the butt and stuff. My mother came out and gave me the dirtiest look, as if to say, 'how dare you exercise and try to lose weight!' Anyway, Jeff came out and started reading me rivial pursuit questions while I was jogging/walking. My mother then stop him and got Jeff working pretty hard around the place, moving pot plants and stuff around the yard. After a little over an hour, I went in and had a shower. I came out, and my mother wanted us to sit around discussing extending the house and stuff. I hate this discussion, as every now and then we have to go through the same thing ... she sits us down, we have a big discussion regarding this, and at the end of the day we have the problem of not having any money to actually do anything, plus we'd need council approval. It's the SAME FRIGGIN' DISCUSSION!!! I get tired of having it! Why do we have to keep having it? It's like a constant repeat of a program on TV that you never wanted to watch in the first place! It's a waste of my friggin' time ... but if we dont' go through it, my mother just hounds us until we do! Oh Sydney, why did I ever leave you????!!! ONEONEONEONE[ONEONEONE's added for AngleBlazes enjoyment!] ONEONEONEONE!!!!!1111!!!! Anyway, another thing I noticed yesterday, when my brother Jeff asked me to go with him to pay the loungesuite off, my mother told him to wait, as I hadn't even had breakfast. I thought, 'now that's weird, as my mother usually doesn't let me have breakfast or even pee before she has me doing chores around the house'. Anywat, after the discussion, we had a talk about the mouse problem we still seem to be experiencing. The thing was in my study last night, and was giving me heart attacks, as all would be really quiet, and suddenly I'd hear him scampering around the room, and I'd literally leap out of my chair! *Scamper scamper* Waaaah! *alls quiet again* *Scamper scamper* Waaaah! Well, I asked my mother where the mousetraps had gone, as she'd previously left them in my study last time my nephews were here, and they'd mysteriously disappeared (so we couldn't put them down again) and now that my nephews were gone again, it was safe to put them down. My mother couldn't remember where she'd placed them, so we had to search the house for them. During all of that, she asked me a question, and when I went to answer it, she yelled at me, 'Calm down! There's no need to get upset!' At the time I wasn't upset, and hadn't even got two words out of my mouth, but she sounded so angry, and I was so stunned by her outburst, that my brain had to stop to figure out what the frig' she was going on about ... due to that, I didn't get a chance to reply as she'd raced off. It was possibly a case of my mother projecting her own angst onto me, rather than her waiting for possible solutions. OR, I have another theory that maybe she'd realised the answer to her question as it was coming out of her mouth, and decided to yell at me and race off so that I didn't get a chance to answer. It doesn't matter really ... anyway, the mouse traps have been placed around the house again in obvious areas of mouse activity. I don't know why, but ratsak doesn't seem to kill this mouse off. Either he's immune to it, or he doesn't eat it ... or maybe it's a she ... or maybe they just multiply quick enough that the ratsak is killing a lot of them off ... but they get replaced extra quick! Anyway, the mouse traps have been completely ineffective to date. We even found where they'd eaten som of the bait, and the trap hasn't gone off at all! Waaaah! :-)