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06 April, 2006

Rats in the Roof

Was sort of interesting last night. For ages I've been telling my mother we've had things living in the roof which are much heavier than the mice problems we've had. For ages my mother wouldn't believe me. Last night, my mother woke us all up claiming someone was trying to break in via the roof. I went down to her end of the house, and I told her, 'No, that's the rat's I've been telling you that we have.' She was unconvinced. My brother Jeff basically repeated the same thing to her. He's been hearing them for ages as well. Anyway, these rats were partying hard up in the roof, and I got the ladder for my brother to have a look. My mother kept making comments like, 'We're calling the police' and stuff. She still insisted it was a human being up there. I waited, anf my brother was too scared to have a look, so I climbed the ladder with my bad leg and had a look. I got the torch, and shone it around. Sure enough, lots of beady little eyes glowing at me ... then, they decided to charge my way. Yes, those rats didn't want me interupting their party. So, I closed the roof, and climbed down. 'It's rats mum,' I told my mother. 'Really? They must be bloody big to sound like a human.' 'Uh .. yeah, sure mum!' Well, they weren't, they're just normal sized river rats. Anyway, more rat sack wil be needed to be placed in the roof to get rid of them. It's a bit weird, we've had a few plagues of things lately, and I can't explain it. Mice, millipedes, rats, spiders ... yet we have heaps of traps, poisons and other things down ... still, they keep coming. I'm wondering if someone has been breeding them with the hope of trying to remove us from this property. We've also experienced a heap of trees dying out the back near the fence line. My mother is 100% positive that the guy over the back has been poisoning them, as they were there for years without a problem, then after he moved in, all our trees near his fence started dying. Anyway, at least I've finally proven that we do have rats in the roof, so I won't get any arguements from my mother about it. I know, I've seen the little things scurrying about ...