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09 March, 2006

Whatever happened to 'Reality '?

It was two years ago that Bill Gates claimed he was going to solve the SPAM problem. I'm not sure about you, but my mailbox is always full of SPAM - I even have a Spam blocker I pay for at my ISP [Which doesn't always work], as well as running an Anti-Spam program on my computer. Still, nasty little bits of Spam still get through to my mailbox. Not only have I found that the Spam problem is no wher enear solved, I also find that a Microsoft Spokesperson has told the Seattle Post that when Bill made his promise to 'Solve the Spam problem', he apparently didn't mean he'd get rid of it. Apparently, he claimed he would make it more manageable. I don't know about you, but I was paying fo my Anti-Spam at my ISP for MORE than the two years that Bill was supposedly solving this problem. Not only that, but I've been using / testing different Anti-Spam software on my computer in that time. Two things to note, ONE, in all that time, I STILL get SPAM. It hasn't abated at all. It's still coming at me, and TWO, if it wasn't for my Anti-Spam, my inbox would be even more full than it already is. So, in those two years, not only have I not noticed Bill doing anything to solve our SPAM problems, I haven't seen him do anything to make it more managable either. In fact, from my perspective, I haven't seen him do a doggone thing! So, my questions are:
  1. If Bill has solve the Spam problem, what exactly has he supposedly done? [I'd like to hear what it is. It obviously hasn't made a difference to me].
  2. Also, why haven't I noticed any decrease in the Spam my mailbox receives?
  3. How is it supposedly more managable? [I've noticed no difference in how I manage Spam]
Not only do I find Microsoft very thin on what they've supposedly done to help us all manage Spam, I find it rather insulting that they are taking credit already for supposedly making it more managable. They're already claiming that Bill has made it managable. If this is how you get to the top, then I'd like to take credit for solving world hunger, getting us colonising Mars, inventing the Faster Then Light Drive and making power free by inventing a cold fusion reactor you can make in a coke can. I know, it seems none of those things have really been solved. I assure you though, I've made them more managable. So, when the historical annals are written and re-written in hundreds and thousands of years time, just remember me, the guy who solved all those problems.