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08 March, 2006

Fancy Dress

Today, I took my mother to the Fancy Dress Hire store in order to get her dress for my Cousins up and coming 'Medieval Wedding' in April. [30 days away today]. She tried on several dresses, and finally found a dark green dress which suited her fine. We'd arrived at the shop at 9:20 AM. Only to find the shop didn't open till 9:30 AM. The heat here is terrible, so we waited in the car till the shop opened. My mother & I went in and she tried about six or seven Medieval dresses on. I thought to myself, I really need to take my cameras on outings like this more often. Then, I thought, I really need to update my phone so I can take photo's, take movies etc. After all, the shop had heaps of stuff, and it was much better than the last fancy dress shop I had been in (in Sydney). This one apparently does occassionally supply costumes for theatre and movies when required. I was quite impressed by some of the costumes, and other ones looked a little cheap and plasticy (like normal fancy dress shops). They even had some up to date costumes like, 'The Incredibles'. Lots of costumes for Medieval, Pirates, Gansters, armed forces, Disney, Dr Suess, Star Wars, Roman Gladiator/army, Western, Native American, Mexican ... too numerous to mention it all. I've always wanted to hold a 'Come as a Native American' party, where everyone gets dressed as Braves or Squaws. I have no idea why. Of course, a Samurai/Ninja theme would be pretty kewl too. I also have to get my costume ready. I need to make the Knights tunic, as well as a helmet. I'll have a look around the internet for soem good designs, as I want the helmet to go on and off without ripping my ears or nose off. :-) I'm thinking of taking photos as I make the helmet from paper mache. Then, spray paint it & stuff, and stick a heraldry design on it. The tunic I was thinking of sticking the Stevenson family crest on it as well. It's blue, with two white roses in the upper third, a fleur de lee in the middle with two yellow stars either side, and three arrows pointing down in the bottom third.
I just had a run in with my brother Jeff. He never carries his friggin' keys, so when he arrives home, he rings the doorbell. I keep suggesting that he carry his friggin' keys in case no one is home. So, tonight, he yelled at me and said he'd carry his keys in future (expletives removed). Sometimes I wonder about people!