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18 March, 2006

Happy Burpday to my Mother

It was my mother's Burpday today. We've bought her CD's (or DVD's or something), but they haven't arrived yet. Ordered about a month or so ago. Grrrrr! naughty DVD company. Anyway, we also got her a cake. BUT, for her Burpday, she got to go and be at my Niece Cayley's Burpday party. She was there till about 2:30pm, and came home, and we played Scrabble. I won both games with a score greater than my mother and brothers combined. In fact, first game I got to go first, and I used all seven of my letters for fifty points with 'Breathe'. Total of seventy two points once it was all added up. Not a bad start to a game. ;-) The rest of the game wasn't even close, but I guess it's hard to catch me once I get ahead. Next game, it was sort of close till I once again used all seven letters with 'Hearing'. I was already winning by about thirty points, but that stuck me about one hundred ahead. My brother and I had a few mishaps with the costumes. We've found that 'Iron On Transfer' stuff you buy in the shops (at about $3 a sheet) just isn't that good. We're thinking of using clothes paint instead. My poor brother's pegasus came out quite bad. He tried to correct it using grease proof paper (as per the instructions), only to have the paper stick to the transfer and thus the costume. I fared a lot better, but the transfer looks like it wants to come off is a few spots, and I don't want to do what Jeff did with his. We had trouble getting the ewing machine to work properly, so we've decided to wait till my mother can help us a bit. It's not easy sewing sleaves onto a shirt that already has sleaves. ;-) Anyway, we have another party tomorrow (which is the family Burpday Party for my Neice Cayley, my Nephew Elijah and my mother). March is the month for emptying bank accounts in my family. :-) More burpdays to come with my brother Jeff having his on Wednesday.