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17 March, 2006

Something Stupardo!!!!

Woke up this morning looking forward to a good day as my mother was going over my sisters! w00t! My brother Jeff unfortunately was staying home ... but he's locked in his bedroom at present. I normally get up at 7am and do one hours walking ... not this morning. I turned my alarm off and got up at 7:40am. My mother made out that I was up early just because my brother is at home. I hate this ficticious thing my family does (even my ex-wife used to do it), where they pretend that my normal habits are 'unusual' just because someone is there who isn't normally there. [My ex-wife used to do it when people came over and discovered I was the one who did the ironing or the washing up or soemtihng. She'd pretend it was a first time or something! Grrrrr!] Well, Jeff was a little angry, as my mother left him a list of things to do. As he pointed out, the shopping list could have waited till Saturday. BUT, as he kept reminding me, it was his holidays. Instead of enjoying himself, he was running errands for my mtoher today. So, off he had to go to do some stuff for about forty five minutes. Anyway, after he got back, we had a bit of a talk. He told me (and this was without any prompting), that my mother was always coming in here disturbing me, as she told him she was checking to make sure I was actually studying or working!!!! HUH!? I still think it is loneliness. He 'I have to check on him' excuse is pretty lame. Especially when it is the number one cause of me never ever getting anything done!!! Talk about STUPARDO!!!!!! So, my mothers excuse for interupting me and stopping me from studying is to make sure I am studying! Blah!!!! The funny thing is, Jeff then started to rave on about how my mother AND father used to do the same sort ofthing when I was younger. He said my father was the actual instigator telling my mother to go disturb me, as I shouldn't be studying, but should be outside doing something. [Like what? Contracting Skin Cancer?!!!oneoneone!!!!] Anyway, at that point in my life, I think I got plenty of sun and stuff as I used to walk to the library every Saturday (which was about twenty minutes to half an hours walk). So, I'm still convinced it was all just excuses to try to stop me succeeding (as per my father's belief that I would become nothing). So, I guess I have to figure out some way to deter my mother from 'making sure I am studying'. Maybe I need to yell at her and tell her where to go ... but, that'll probably get me thrown out of home again! Grrrrr!