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11 March, 2006

Acid Vomit!

Woke up at 1 AM last night after vomiting stomach acid in my sleep. As I hadn't been eating anything for a few hours before bed time it was all acid and nothing else. Looks like my hereditary mystery medical condition is back. I've spent the day being sick, depressed (well, I've been depressed for weeks!), and just plain tired. One good thing to do with the medical condition, is I start losing weight. So, maybe I just need to let it take it's course, lose heaps of weight and put up with burnt insides and lots of vomiting. On another note, my brother and I went shopping for some material that looks like Chain mail today. We also started on our Knights Costumes for my cousins wedding in a month. Here is how it went. One: Get some material. Two, make a pattern (in my case, I made mine from Newspaper.) Three: Draw a chalk line around the outside, and cut it all out. Four: join it all up with Pins. A closer look at the pins etc. And another view. Once pinned up & cut out, sew it all together. [That's my brother. He didn't want his face on the internet, so I've just photgraphed his hands.] I made one, my brother Jeff made another. Mine was more complex with four quarters front and back. My brothers was just red one side and white the other. The product so far. Yes, I am getting FATTER! Since I put the floor boards in the house, I haven't done any weights, and not much exercise. I did buy a new mat to stick under my weightbench so that I won't damage the floorboards, so hopefully I'll get back into it and get soem muscle tone back! Geees ... I haven't done weights since November last year ... no wonder I'm FAT!!!! The front view. Some things still to come:
  • The chain mail like material to stick the arms and hood on it.
  • The Family crest (on the white top bit) as well as my own Bear Rampant that I designed years ago. (in the red top bit. Bear will be either white or yellow).
  • A longer belt (that one is at it's final hole ... I only bought it a while ago and my belly has almost out grown it)
Don't worry ... I'll be losing LOTS of weight very quickly for a while.