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15 March, 2006

Opening Ceremony

The Commonwealth Games are having their opening ceremony. My brother is watching it ... well, mainly as the only other crap on TV at present is Soap Operas and stuff. Anyway, as my mother says, she spends more time watching the Opening and Closing ceremonies than the actual sports. Why become a great athlete? No one watches or cares any more. At the end of the games, all that will matter is how good the ceremonies were, and the medal count. Of course, they need to have the atheletes and stuff in order to find out the medal count. A lot of places compete even though they know they won't win a medal (not without fifteen to twenty or thirty other nations all getting Cronic Fatigue the night before the event) ... but they turn up to get ignored anyway. So, sometime between the opening and closing ceremonies are games of some sort. Badminton (Malaysias Favourite as they take Gold), Ping Pong [aka Table Tennis], which is Singapores favourite and every other sport that gets shared between Australia [207 medals at Manchester], England [166] and Canada [118] (unless there are a few countries I missed ... well, I guess India [69] won a few) ... the last time someone beat Australia was in 1986, when England had a higher medal count. (1982 England only beat us by one medal in the medal count). Not that any of us really care that much. Unless we have a particularly favourite sport, or one in which we might win a godl medal, most people generally ignore the Commonwealth Games. So, here we all are, ignoring the games. Oh, they have a website too ... CWG just in case you wanted to ignore that too. I will be.!!!.