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16 March, 2006

How Much Time can someone waste?

I had a business meeting this morning, and my mother also decided to go out. I got home first and everything. My youngest brother went out to a Caravan and Camping show ... which he returned early and said was BORING as all caravans are basically the same ... When my mother arrived home [which was before my brother], she somehow managed to waste over one hour of my time, as she insisted on going into every minor detail of what happened since she left home ... and what the people in the stores were doing etc. I actually timed her to see how much of my time she was wasting. I almost managed to get a word in edgewise at one point, when she asked how my meeting went. As I started to tell her, she interupted and started talking about other things. Why did she ask if she didn't care? Anyway, she'd walk away after talking straight for ten minutes, only to return almost immediately with something else to talk about! FRIG!!! How annoying! Anyway, one hour, ten minutes later, she went off to watch the midday movie to leave me to work and study in peace. Funny thing was, she asked what I was doing ... and I told her ... and she still insisted on interupting me. In other words, she doesnt give a FRIG' about my business or career. As long as she has someone to talk to, she'll just keep interupting me. Anyway, she kept popping in every so often during the movie, and stopped me doing stuff. I'm sure she knows I'm trying to ignoring her ... but it doesn't stop her! ARGH!!!! Now, she's gone for a sleep ... and so has my brother ... so I can at last get some stuff done ... for at least an hour I hope!