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12 March, 2006

Knights Outfit almost complete.

Spent today doing more work on the knights outfit (and a bit of exercise to lose the FLAB!) We got the hoods and arms done. They look FANTASTIC (if I do say so myself). Pictures will be forth coming. We also worked on the helmets, but we're having second thoughts, as the knight outfits look really good without them. Anyway, a bit of the way through making the costumes, my brother suddenly went outside and moved the cars ... then informed us he was taking his little van for a run and he was going to fix it up. WTFrig??? Anyway, after much heated arguement, we convinced him to come back inside and finish the knights costume. So, we went hard at it ... made the hood and sleaves, made the collars for around the hood and started paper mache on the helmets. Helmets far from complete, but the rest of the outfit looks good. Jeff suggested we use T-Shirts and sew the sleaves onto them rather than the costume. I agreed, but need a new cheap T-Shirt to do it with. I don't want to ruin a lot of my good T-Shirts, as they're printed ones. Most of my plain T-Shirts are either too small, or falling apart. I'll update with more photo's once we finish them (which might be next weekend. ) :-)