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15 March, 2006


I wrote this really long winded update (what's new) today ... and the stupid computer FROZE, thus causing me to lose all the crap good stuff I wrote. Wasn't important anyway, or else God would have miraculously caused Windows to keep working through it. [Yes, I believe God can do that ... I know, a lot of people don't have that sort of faith, but I do!!!!]. :-) Anyway, I've been scanning all my old University Notes so I can burn them onto CD or DVD (depending on the size of them) and then burn the actual pages (and get them off my bookshelf). Truth is, I'm highly unlikely to re-read them anyway, but there is always an off chance that I might need it. I remember getting rid of one of my old College textbooks, only to find I wish I hadn't as it would have been so useful for things I came across later. So, by scanning all my notes, burning them to CD etc, making a back up etc, at least I'll know I'll never need them again! ;-)