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16 March, 2006

The School Meme

Suanie passed me the meme batton (Yeah, Kenny's gonna threaten not to come to my blog anymore! Tough, I do memes. Just ignore it and come back later Kenny, or read a post I wrote earlier. ) The meme has something to do with School I think. The School Meme: How many schools did I go to? All of them? Let's see,
  • RAAF School Penang (Penang, Malaysia ... d'uh!)
  • Pembleton (or Emberly or something) Primary (Perth, Australia)
  • Hampton Park Primary (Perth, Australia)
  • Wanneroo Primary (Perth, Australia)
  • Wanneroo High School (Perth, Australia)
  • Smithfield Plains High School (Adelaide, Australia)
  • Woolooware High School (Sydney, Australia)
[If we start from Kindergarten though, add two more. Amberly Kindy and Penang Kindy. And if we add Universities/colleges, add another five or six or seven. I've lost count! NSWIT, UTS, Moore College, Gymea TAFE College, UNE, Open Uni Australia, Phoenix Uni. plus some more I've probably forgotten] So, Seven schools, two kindergartens, six Colleges/Universities [NSWIT and UTS are same University - just they changed the name while I was there]. So, either 7, 9, 13, or 15 depending on what we're actually counting ... Was I the studious nerd, or the last minute hero? Um ... I was never studious, but neither did I have to always rush things. Most of the time, I actually did homework in class to save me time. But, I think the last minute hero might be more me than the studious nerd. I remember one project at High School, where the night before I suddenly remembered the project hadn't been done. I then blew my brains doing the entire project (there were three of us on the team, and we'd all procratinated about getting together to work on the project). So, in one night, I did the work of three people, and got it done. We ended up getting full marks for it, and beat the rest of the class as the best project. The other two guys almost had heart attacks when we were asked to present first before anyone else. I just handed them a third each, and asked them to read. They both bought me an ice cream afterwards! :-) Yet, some subjects, like Geology (which I did in Year 11), I never ever studied for, I got 100% all the way through the year, with the two exceptions of the mid year exam (98%), and the final exam (96%). It was only when I started a Geology Degree at University (B. Applied Sc. at NSWIT), that I realised it involved a lot of walking around in 40 degree heat in the middle of nowhere, or going down mines. I might return and finish that Degree one day! [with all my other ones]. Was I the class ‘taiko’ or the teacher’s pet? Never. (In fact, some teachers were down right hostile towards me!) Some teachers did like me though, as they found I was intelligent, and they even told my parents I had the brains to make a good Doctor or Lawyer. [Which my father snorted at and later told my mother I'd never be anything ... see what negative re-inforcement does to a child ... I have become nothing! w00t!] What was the biggest rule I broke in school? Um ... Er ... I think I was caught talking in class a few times. In Penang I was caught running down an embankment we weren't allowed to walk on. Oh, I was caught 'fighting' a few times, but that wasn't because I tried to start them, I was usually the smallest guy in school, so I was the one at the bottom of the pile being trashed! Three subjects I enjoyed. All of them. :-) BUT, I especially like Television and Film studies, Music and Art. [And when I was at a school which offered Drama, that was one of my favourites.] Film and TV Studies - well, I loved playing with cameras, writin scripts and being creative. Music - well, I play guitar. Music was always a form of self expression for me, and it was a great release from the worries of the world. If I hadn't of learnt to play guitar, I probably would have killed myself as a teenager. (Hope that doesn't shock too many people). Art - also another great form of self expression. Year ten (which was my final year of doing art), saw all my artwork displayed all over the school. [I mean EVERY Piece I did that year]. I did a full size Paper Mache knight, which was placed in the school foyer where all visitors to the school could see it. When I went to collect it at the end of year one of my teachers saw me and told me how amazed he was by the piece. He said he had always wondered who had made it. [It was ME, it was ME!] :-) Three teachers that inspired me. I had an English teacher in year ten called Mr Milson. He was amazed at my writing ability and actually encouraged it. He was surprised by the rate that I could churn out poetry when I wanted to. [I think some of that had developed because of my song writing]. Anyway, that year was the same year I was first published as a poet (in a real Book, not a school magazine or a student thing). In fact, I was always surprised that I never got published in the school magazine. I was told it was because I wrote too much! [Darn it! Surely the students can read a simple ten page story!] My photography teacher inspired me. I did get an 'A' in photography, but that wasn't what he inspired me to do. What he did, was he actually listened to me, and what I wanted to do for a living. [At that time it was 'artist', 'writer' or 'musician' .... hey, nothings changed!] He was sort of fighting my father in a way, as he was always encouraging me to go forward with my art, and he also believed I should have being concentrating on my art studies (rather than following my fathers rule and going forth into Science and Mathematics). I guess my year ten art teacher was also pretty inspiring. Well, she was fighting a losing battle, as I already knew I wasn't allowed to continue with art in year eleven (as my Father had made that decision for me!) BUT, she was the one who kept taking all my art work and displaying it around the school. I hope I didn't disappoint her too much, as she felt I was gifted and should have been pursuing art ... darn it! She was right!!!! But, when you're a kid, you have to do what you're told! And I'm tagging… Who wants it? No one??? OMGoodness! As no one wants it then, I'm tagging: AngelBlaze (yes, you can get me back one day by giving me a meme) Chenny (aka Kitten), just because ... um ... er ... ShireenK (just because she recently went five days without an update!) :-) Anyone else who wants it can nab it. [I think I just made three enemies! D'oh! Oh, they'll fogive me, I'm like a big cuddly Uncle to them all! hee hee hee!]