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23 February, 2006

Dabitrix ReLoaded

For Once in my life I am wondering what to blog about. No, I haven't got blog block. I've got plenty to talk about. Just, some days [like today], I'm not sure what to share. We still have a mouse running around. I'm still hard at it studying etc and doing stuff. In fact, I spent a lot of today looking into brainwashing (seems as my mother thinks that's what I do to myself), and cult groups. I've become increasingly aware of the fact that Media, and Government seem to use a lot of brainwashing techniques now a days. It leads me to wonder how 1984'ish and Orwellian our society is becoming. Yeah, I know, the media etc have been doing it for years with advertising etc. What I discovered though, in my research today, was that they've proven that T.V. does stick people into trance like states which leaves their minds easily manipulated. [No wonder so many ads work, when they have this added bonus of the shows already causing this]. To add to this, the effect of the TV also gives them a feeling of happiness (nothing wrong with being happy), and REDUCED ability to THINK CREATIVELY!!! Waaaah! As soon as I read that, I was like, 'WHAT? If I watch TV I get less creative? THAT'S EVIL!!!' Well, it won't have any influence on some of our society. But to someone like myself who prides themselves on their creativity, it would be a shock! I know a lot of you are saying, 'Well, where have you been! We already knew all that!' Well, I've read it before, but it was almost always presented as an OPINION, which meant my brain stuck it in a box marked, 'wait for scientific confirmation'. Tonight I was reading HOW it happens! Why it works etc. [Aka, the scientific confirmation so to speak], but it still lacked any listed biography on where the information came from. So in other words, just hearing the fact that someone says, 'The US conducted experiments and did EEC's while people watched TV', is still not enough evidence for me. So it will now be in the boxed marked, 'waiting for reference/validation', in my brain. As someone who has quite often lived by the adage, 'everything in moderation', I was amused to fidn that TOO MUCH MEDITATION has the same results as watching TV. It leaves the meditator in a state where they are easily influenced by those around them. [Of course, they also said that some meditation was actually beneficial]. BUT, they were saying that those who meditate a LOT, like Buddhist Monks, etc are often in these states where they're alpha waves are making them nice and happy (releasing endorphins etc), while they are left susceptible to suggestions. It seemed to me, that out of the chaos and depressions of those who had/have emotional problems, comes great creativity. How much is creativity attached to being different? To being the ODD person out? No wonder so many Art students I know always have weird and stupid haircuts ... and why don't I have a weird haircut? Or the art students are dressed in weird fashion ... okay, I often wear T-Shirts with Japanese messages on them in a country which can't read them ... I guess I sort of qualify there! Those messages are often my own little in joke. I wear my 'Baka Gaijin' [stupid foreigner] T-Shirt in a country where I am neither a foreigner, nor stupid. Anyway, getting back to my 'Reload' - when I was at University the first time [1984 - 1987], I remember we discussed subliminals, and the fact that they trialed using 'Don't Shop Lift' messages hidden in the music they played in shopping centres. At the time, it was made illegal (or so I was taught), as it was removing peoples freedom of will. Where I was reading tonight, it claimed that they were now doing it. I'm not sure whether I am just reading rubbish, or if the laws have changed. Anyway, it leaves me to ponder if the Governments are putting OTHER messages into radio and Television programming. If they are, if we are being brainwashed into some sort of servitude, then how can we tell whre reality starts and ends? Is this the Human version of the matrix? (ie, run by a Human Goverment not machines). I know, I know, there is no reality, there is only our perception of reality. STILL, if someone is manipulating our minds to see a reality other than the one our senses are experiencing, then what should we do? Is it killing the latest innovation and creativity in the human race? Slashdot recently had a link to an article which showed that innovation is actually declining amongst the human race! Is this a direct response to TV and Radio having subliminal suggestions? The only advantage I can see for this sort of thing, is for the current Governments to keep themselves in power, and keep the population in chains begging for their Soma*. [*Brave New World reference]. I personally don't want to bring children up in a world if it is all going to be manipulation of the mind to make them conform and make them think being a slave is something to be HAPPY about. I wonder how much of it is propaganda, how much is real, and how much of what I read is just plain old conspiracy theory stuff. Oh well, I'm tired. Time for bed I think. :-)