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11 February, 2006

Tutankhamun - The Mummy's curse!

More information I've dug up from when I cracked into the US Defense computers has to do with Tutankhamun's tomb. I know, a lot of you are wondering what it was doing there, with Howard Carter being English and everything. Well, apparently some US archeologist was in the area at the time. This document might explain the 'Curse' which was spoken about by many after the tombs discovery. I give you a fragment stolen from Howard Carters diary, by one Indiana Powell.
So, there I was. We had descended into the tomb, and what we saw was magnificent. It was the most in tact tomb of a Pharoah I had ever seen. I checked the cartouche to make sure it was Tutankhamun. It was. Just as I was about to open the sarcophogous, an american, not with our group, suddenly appeared at me left shoulder. 'Hey, Howie, what ya up ta?' he asked. 'I say, what?' I asked. 'What are you up to?' he asked again in a mock English accent. 'I'm about to open the tomb of the Pharoah TutanKhamun. How did you get in here?' 'Oh, I scared the hired help away with this.' He held up a small vial which held a small white powdery substance. 'That scared the hired help away? I think not.' 'Of course it did Howie. It's full of anthrax!' 'Anthrax? Are you an idiot? You can't go around carrying dangerous substances like that.' 'Of course I can. I came here with my buddies looking for Wigwams of Mass Destruction!' 'You sir are an idiot. There are no wigwams in Egypt.' 'Sure there are. I've seen plenty of them pointy stone wigwams all over the place.' 'You mean pyramids!?' 'You say potato I say potarto.' 'Look, please leave, I'm trying to read the cartouche.' 'Bless you.' 'Sorry?' 'I thought you sneezed.' 'Please leave. I'm trying to work here.' 'Okay, I'll just leave this here, I'll be back with my friends. We just want to look around for any wigwams in the area.' I hadn't realised, but he'd placed that vial on the top of the sarcophagus. As I opened the sarcophagus, the vial fell off and smashed. What sort of maniac walks around with a vial of dangerous substances!? I of course thought it was fake, but we didn't want to risk it. I got everyone out of the tomb. After a while we had discussed the matter and decided it was safe. We assumed the American had just been some sort of lunatic with a vial of chalk or something. We placed some canaries in the tomb, and they didn't seem to be affected. I ordered everyone back in the tomb. Little did we know, the vial did contain something dangerous. The substance in the vial had a chemical reaction we all would regret. A week later, the canaries were dead. It was like some freak hollywood movie. One canary had his tongue and eyes ripped out. Another one was found with his vital organs missing. What we had missed was the mummified canary in the corner. By opening the tomb, we had released it upon the world. The vial had set it off on it's path of destruction, as the substance in that vial was exactly what was needed to mix with the embalming fluid in the canary and bring it back as THE MUMMY CANARY! Lord Carnarvan was first to die from it. We tried to cover it up by claiming it was mosquito that had bitten him. Shortly after, we were visited by the Railroad tycoon George Jay Gould. The canary later tracked him back to the French Riviera and took him out with a karate chop to the chest. (Yes, the canary had learnt martial arts). All up, eight people who had opened the tomb have died. If I ever catch that Indiana guy, I'll kick sand in his face! I later learned that the mummified canary wandered down a coal mine and died. Unfortunately, any unsuspecting person could accidentally find it and bring it back to life if they happen to know what was in that vial! The last thing we need is a sequel, 'Return of the Mummified Canary!!!'