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08 February, 2006

Thirty Seven Baby Spiders ... all dead at the age of a few minutes!

I really don't like killing things ... but some days my arachnophobia really gets triggered. Like last night. I was lying on the bed reading and writing and listening to some music, when I saw a little tiny baby huntsman spider. Cute little thing. I thought, okay, it can stay, as long as he doesn't bring any friends ... but then I saw another one ... and another one. I counted seven! OUCH! I suddenly had images of them crawling on me while I slept and possibly even trying to eat me (after all, I was outnumbered seven to one). [Another Link] As they were coming from behind the air conditioning unit, I thought, I better spray them. Some had crawled onto the ceiling above my bed. So, I started whacking them with my thong (aussie footwear. Called flip flops in other countries. Do not confuse with underwear!) While I was whacking those seven and spraying them a little, another one came out from behind my suitcase. WHACK! All seemed calm ... so I waited ... no spiders ... waited ... nope, none ... I went back to reading and writing ... Then, I noticed another one. I looked up near the air conditioner, and there was at least another ten of the things. PSSSSHHHH! WHACK! PSSSSHHHHH! WHACK! A few ran from me, and about three dropped on the bed! One dropped on my CPAP machine (that machine that helps me breath while I sleep). More spraying! PSssssssshhh! More Thonging! WHACK! WHACK! More spiders hiding behind the suitcase and stuff. WHACK PSSSSH! I was up to twenty two of the things! I tried to look up the top of the airconditioning unit to see where they were coming from ... nothing. Weird. I waited ... waited ... waited ... no more spiders. Cool. Back to reading and writing ... checked the air conditioner! WHAT! MORE SPIDERS! PSSSSH! WHACK! PSSHHHH! WHACK! Time for the big guns! Surface spray all around and over the air conditioner unit! PSSSSSHHHHHHHHHH! I then moved the pillow and slept up the opposite end of the bed last night. I had images of these little buggers coming out of the airconditioner more and land on my head and get into bed with me. It slowed my reading and writing down enough that by the time I finished, it was one thirty in the morning! Waaaaaah! Was I tired or what? I had surface sprayed the floor when I'd finished the floorboards, but obviously I needed to do the walls. When I got up this morning, my bedroom still smelled of insect spray. I really need a girlfriend to protect me from these evil creapy crawlies! :-)