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09 February, 2006

Little Britain Dolls

While out and about and looking for a B'Day present for my younger brother Paul today, I came across some Little Britain Dolls. They only had the Daphyd, Vicky and Emily Howard dolls in the store. I actually wandered into the store as I was after a Red Dwarf VII series DVD for myself. Don't worry, I went looking for it AFTER I got myself a present. My mother was intriged by the amount of games in the Computer Game store. I finished looking, and she was still having a browse. Maybe I can get her playing WarCraft or something. I'm still curious about the World of Warcraft game. I'm afraid to buy it and try it in case I start to play it continuously. Nothing worse than having such a huge distraction in my life. I have a million and one things to finish. I booked my car in to get the tyres changed and the brakes changed. That's due next Tuesday. I have a heap of work coming up, so if I seem to suddenly disappear for a while and blog sporadically, you know I am deep up to my armpits in cat5 cables and training people. I'm looking forward to it. It'll make a change from studying and reading a million blogs each day! Though I still plan to come home each day and read half a million blogs. :-) So much to do ... so little time ...