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06 February, 2006

Super Bowl - Fish Pond

Got up nice and early to watch the Superbowl. [Gridiron - That's the Football code that has little to do with feet being attached to balls and isn't Rugby or League] Was disappointed with the way the refereeing was. I wasn't sure who to go for at first, as I used to play for the Sutheland Seahawks (so the Seahawks had the same name), but as a Miami Dolphin fan, I normally always go for the AFC team. After a few bad calls against the Seahawks, my 'underdog' sense kicked in and I decided to go for the Seahawks ... then my mother decided to go for the Seahawks as they were in Blue ... and I thought, maybe I should go for Pittsburg. In the end though, I don't think the bad calls changed the result, though the Seahawks did look better to begin with. I'm glad Ward got the MVF (Most Valuable Player) award, as he was a lot better than Pittsburg's QB, who looked a little out of water today. Not having pay TV, I don't get to watch much American Football (Gridiron) anymore. I've heard that neither team has lived up to the way they've played during the season. I can believe that, and there were a lot of mistakes that surprised me. I realised while watching it, that last time I put the plastic armour on was in 1995, which is eleven years ago! Waaah! I so miss running down a field at full pelt and running into someone. During the half time show, the had the Rolling Stones. My mother doesn't like them for some reason. Not sure why. Mick is only two years older than my mother. I thought they'd be from her era ... but, apparently it's because they're just not handsome enough for my mother. lol
My mother set up the filter for the fish pond, and she attached a long pipe to the top. Sometime during the day the wind blew it over and it started to spew water all over the patio. The pond got down really low. Fortunately, there was still some water left in the pond. The fish were all down in the shallow end and there wasn't much room for them to swim etc. We went out there, and I was so worried about the fish that I raced across the water, not realising that the electrical cable was sitting in the water. I could have got a bit of a shock, but lucky for me I didn't and I just pulled the cable straight out of the wall. I looked up at the end of the pond without water, and saw that there wan't any dead fish or anything, and my mother tuned the water on. The pond is now full of water again. I didn't get any photo's of it ... as, well, the fish were at risk! Save the fish ... :-) Was sort of funny, as no fish died in the making of this post. :-)