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07 February, 2006

Master Bedroom Interior Design

As per Azmeen's request in a previous comment, here is an idea I had about twenty years ago for a design for a Master Bedroom. When I was married, I ran it past my missus, who hated the idea. I still think it is a great idea, and I'll chuck it up here for comment or for people to use. First of all I'll chuck the concept past you all. Have you ever wanted to wake up in the clouds? My idea for the bedroom, is to make it seem like you are waking up in the sky on a beautiful day. The first part of this, is to paint the walls and ceiling with a mural of blue skies and nice white fluffy clouds. You can steal the sort of thing from most of the old masters if you know which sky you want from which picture. I even have some photo's of sky that I've taken over the years, but I think we all know what a nice blue sky looks like, so I'll refrain from posting a pic here. Next, I'd get a nice big four post bed like this one. I stole the pic from http://www.emersoninnbythesea.com/ ... which is a bed and breakfast in Massachusett, and looks like a nice place to visit ... but I just stole the photo so you know the sort of bed I wanted ... and the bed has to be white and/or light blue to fit in with the walls and ceiling. Actually, clicking on the site above and going to it's index page and you'll see a nice blue sky as well. [For those who live in places without sky or blue ... or blue skies]. ;-) The bed linen should be as light fluffy/lacey/girlie as possible, mainly as us guys want a room which attracts the ladies, and the ladies normally would like something light/fluffy/girlie. The rest of the furniture should either already be white, light blue or be painted to fit into the mural which surrounds it (depending on how artistic or how deep your pockets are.) For the floor, you can either go with: 1/ Light blue/white carpet [I won't because of my dust allergies] 2/ Light coloured floor boards (which could represent the earth below) or 3/ a Blue and white Marble / Onyx type tile [large ones] to make it like, the entire universe is all clouds and blue sky. (Image stolen from here www.akarmarble.com in case you want to buy these specific tiles) I've tried to find some other images for the marble tiles, to give some more options, but couldn't. It's possible if you are rich enough, you could make a special order with a ceramics company to make what's required. I'll have to take the time to create what I want in The Sims or something. Then I can post the image up and you'll get the complete picture. I hope that's enough info. Actually, looking at all the catelogues which have been arriving, it looks like brown is the in colour this year. So maybe, I should be designing a dirty cave to fit with the latest available decore. :-) Or a chocolate factory (I'll avoid any more disgusting ideas associated with brown). So, there is my Master Bedroom idea for waking up everyday to a nice bright beautiful day. :-)