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03 February, 2006

CELLO Pictures and Room Pics

Cello ... oh, same joke as last post! Hello, Here are some pictures of my Cello. First a picture of it when it is in it's case (I've already stuck the bridge on it and stuff.) I had a bit of trouble tuning the thing, with the knobs slipping a lot and everything. Anyway, the bow is new, so in need of rosin to make it grab the strings, so it's not making much noise at present, but I like plucking on the thing anyway. So played a few things on it. Here is a picture of it standing up against my brothers blue bean bag! I was meaning ot post there pictures of my bedroom ages ago. Mainly when I did the floor boards in there, so you can see it no longer has a concrete floor ... also, you can see how small the room is. (Which is why I have most of my stuff in the front room/office/studio). As you can see, my Queen size bed takes up most of the room. I'll take some other photo's later to show the 'highrise' storage solution I have for the bedroom.