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01 February, 2006

Bored - Cello Still Not Here!

It is Wednesday, and my Cello is still not here! Waaaah! Oh well, it does take a week to get here, so maybe next Monday. So much stuff to do ... so much to study ... so much I could blog about ... Still, I have some paper work to do ... some accounting for the business to do ... cleaning up to do ... guitar playing I wanna do ... drawing ... painting ... It's terrible having so many things which need to be done ... and so many other things I want to do. Motivation levels 0% ... who invented this game anyway! I am tired and bored ... and there is no better tiem to do stuff than now ... but ... boredom level 100% ... I just can't seem to get motivated. I have to go read something motivational to get me going ... but, I so want to be playing my Cello ... haven't played one in years and year (1979 I think) and want to know if I can still make the thing sound like a dyin' cat! [Actually, I was much better than that ... I could make it sound like three dying cats up a tree with a chainsaw. Does Cello playing get any better? ... you bet it does! A whole lot better ... like, some people can play these things.] :-) I am tempted to record some playing once it arrives ... just so people can download the MP3 and wish they hadn't! Bwaahhaaahahahaaa! :-) Anyway, I have to study and stuff. Hope all is well, and everyone is still having a Good CNY and everytang! :-) I'm so bored ... wish I was a millionaire so I could just go some other country I haven't been to before. Bored Bored Bored Bored ... but you knw that. BBB (Bored Beyond Belief!) Waaah!