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12 February, 2006


Three Nil. No wonder people hate playing Scrabble against me. First game (which was yesterday) I was losing the entire game, then came the very last move. I had one letter left, I was twenty points behind, and I placed the H (worth four points) on a three times letter score to form two different words. Total of twenty six points to come from behind to win. The funny thing was, my second last move of the game I had the word Hebrews sitting on my tray and couldn't put it ANYWHERE on the board. It was a pity, as I would have got 50 points for using all seven of my letters and gone out that turn (as well as the points for where ever I placed it on the board). Instead, I had to save the 'H' tile and used the rest in Browse (The 'O' tile was a blank one that I was going to use as an 'E' in Hebrews). I hate it when I have a seven letter word in my tray and can't put it on the baord anywhere! Two games today, lead all the way in both games. My score in the first one was almost three hundred, and was three less than my mother and brother's score put together. Last game I won by over one hundred points. My mother kept trying to cheat or accused me of cheating, which annoyed the crap out of me.
On a happier note, my Cousin came around with his Fiance today, and the Bridesmaid who was dressed appropriately for the upcoming wedding in April. I think her name was Astrida or something ... I should have remembered it. I think she was very nervous, as she sort of babbled a little at first. After a while, she settled down a little and acted more normal. [Not that it bothered me. But my mother thought she was babbling a little at first. Believe me, I thought she looked kinda cute.] :-) In the meantime, I have to start thinking about my costume for the wedding. It's now February, and the wedding is in April. Bucks night is April the first (which is also my cousins birthday). :-) I think my brother Jeff wants both of us to go as Elven warriors (with my cousin being an Elven, like my mother, it's sort of appropriate). In the meantime, I was thinking, wonder if the bridesmaid is single, and wonder if my chances of hitting on her at the wedding are good!? lol Oh, the humanity! :-) The poor girl, she's the only bridesmaid, and as such has a LOT to do for the wedding. Anyway, I better lose some weight, and my mother suggested I go as Friar Tuck to the wedding. I suggested she goes as Gimli [Lord of the Rings reference for those who didn't catch it. My mtoher didn't and she's seen the movies so many times as she owns them on DVD].