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11 February, 2006

Get Over It????

My mother has this problem when people don't do what she wants. She's been annoying me all night to try to MAKE me watch the Winter Olympics opening ceremony. She keeps telling me I HAVE to watch it. I'm like, 'Why?' & 'I don't want to.' I hate watching people marching past. I hate parades. Anyway, after being told about twenty to thirty times that I HAVE TO WATCH IT, I turned to her and said, 'Why do I HAVE to watch it?' And she said to me in a very annoyed manner, 'Get over it! You know why you have to watch it!' HUH? I still don't know why I have to watch something I DON'T want to watch! To add to my annoyance, the commentators keep refering to Nagano (Japan - where they held one of the previous Winter Olympics) as Na-Gan-O. I was sure it was pronounce Na-Ga-No, so I looked it up, and I was right. But, it's not just that, they pronounce the 'A' in the 'Gan' bit in a weird way, so it doesn't sound right to me. You think they would have learned to pronounce it when they were in Nagano ... (same commentators they use every Winter Olympics). Anyway, my mother's been in a foul mood for a long time. My brother didn't get the DIP my mother asked him for this morning, and she hit the roof in a really BAD way. Her Southern English accent became even more noticable as she was screaming at him. So, I went back to the shops with my brother to get the dip, and he got a HOT SPICY MEXICAN one, when she had YELLED at him earlier that she'd wanted FRENCH ONION! Oh geees! I made him go back and get the French Onion one else he'd make my mother pop an artery in her head! I dropped by the music store and got some Rosin too. We had an arguement a week ago over the pronounciation of it. My mother insisted that Rosen is pronounces Resin. I told her it was a type of Resin, but it is pronounced ROSEN! I ended up throwing a dictionary under her nose, but she insists the dictionary is wrong! Blah! On top of that, she's trying to find any excuse to argue with us. I bought a few motivation CD's the other week, and my mother went balistic on me, that's in spite of the fact I got them for one third the price. She told me I was wasting my money on the things. She got even more annoyed when she found out I was actually listening to them, as they're supposed to useless and get stuck in a cupboard somewhere to gather dust. I lost five kilos recently too due to getting back into my walking. That also annoyed her. As I said to my brother, I'm really getting annoyed to the point that I want to move again! Why did I leave Sydney??? Waaaah! Anyway, the other day she yelled that she wanted us to move out of the house! I wish I had of recorded it, as it's the same stuff she and my father used to do when I was nineteen, when I was thrown out of home! I wish I could have recorded it, as it sounds like she is about to start doing the same sort of crap. The funny thing is, later she'll make comments that we're never going to leave (like hell I'm not). As my brother says, she treats us like slaves. If she wants something done, whether it is unimportant or not, she still insists we drop everything for her. The other day, she was having lunch, and she just handed her empty plate to me to put in the sink. Not a word, she just handed it to me as though she is the queen. It pees me off a bit, as I only returned to Perth as she used to beg me everytime I spoke to her on the phone ... as my brother says, she's pretty lonely and has no friends, but mention getting out and meeting people and she'll blow a fuse! I so much want to leave, but I don't want to go until I feel what I need to accomplish here has been done. I've helped in a lot of ways, and my mother admits it's been a lot better for everyone since I've been back here. There is also the family politics crap. My younger brother and his wife aren't going to my cousins wedding under the arguement that he never attended theirs. My Aunty phoned today with the same complaint, about how they're always completely ignored until someone wants something and then they're expected to drop everything to attend. My mother refused to let me go to the same cousins engagement party when it was on because of the stupid fact that she was getting back at my Uncle and Grandmother. Anyway, we're going to the wedding. There is a heap of other family crap that's annoying me! It all comes down to petty jealousy, revenge, etc etc. Who did what to who ten years ago. I soooo wish I never left Sydney when all this crap starts happening. In Sydney, I would hear about it, but I never had to put up with crap from everyone. To think, I amost left for the UK six months ago. If I had of though, I wouldn't be here to help protect my mother from my ex-father trying to rip her off and leave her destitute again! I feel like I can't win some days!