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20 February, 2006

Japanese T-Shirt Revisited!

Woke up early to go see my Sleep Apnea Doctor. Drove to other side of town to see him. Hi slap top malfunctioned and he couldn't see the data on my machine! D'oh! Anyway, booked in to see him in six months time. Nothing that exciting to report. Went into town to do some business and stuff. Was wearing my Japanese T-Shirt which says, 'Applications open for Japanese Girl Friend'. If you remember, I get a lot of nasty looks from Chinese people ... nothing new today. Got some nasty snorts from some old ladies as well, and one guy who heckled me about Japanese people killing whales. I stopped and had a little talk to the heckler, as he tried to hassle me a second time I walked past, yelling that the shirt said, 'We like killing whales' in Japanese. So I told him what it actually said and he had a laugh. We had a little talk and stuff, mainly about how it is wrong to kill whales. He seemed like a nice enough guy. Anywat, I was getting to the point where I was considering NEVER EVAR wearing the Japanese T-Shirt again, as it's supposed to be funny. I stopped by the Music Library to return some books and to loan some Cello ones. [Must practice! Use it or lose it!] As I was getting my bag out of the locker there, a guy started chuckling to himself and said to me, 'Japanese!' I said, 'Oh, yes, the T-Shirt. Hai!' and I showed him the T-Shirt so he could read it better. 'Um, you Nihon Jin?' 'Yes, I am Japanese.' 'Hai, kewl.' He chuckled some more, I chuckled some more ... and as I walked off, I realised, the Japanese guy never spoke a word of Japanese to me, yet I spoke Japanese to him! Weird, I wonder if my brain kicks into Japanese mode on purpose! I dropped into an Arts suply store to get some more paint and stuff. I am desperate to get soemmore linseed oil to use as a mixing/diluting agent, but FORGOT! How FRIGGIN' DUMB of me! On the way home I went shopping. Bought some ice cream as I've been eating my mothers ... so got home and let my mother have first go at the new ice cream I bought. Very tired now. Will be going around visiting blogs now ... and planning some more study and doing some business related stuff!