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19 February, 2006

Mouse Hunt

I spent this morning catching this little mouse, and releasing it over the park across the road. I saw it last night (I think it's a HE, as I can't see any boobs on it). It popped out of the air conditioner unit, and ran behind the lounge. I was telling my mother about it this morning, she was wondering what to do about it, when she open the pantry door and there he was nibbling on a packet of biscuits he'd got into. So, my mother shut the pantry door and called for me to catch him. We started moving stuff out of the pantry, and he hid behind a plastic tub. My mother kept getting in my way, so I stood back. We were trying to catch him in another plastic tub, when he ran out of the pantry and behind the fridges. We thougt it was all over, when my mother noticed he'd run into the cupboard, so she called for me to catch him again. So I used a stack of plastic folders to make a barricade around the cupboard to stop him escaping, and then started moving everything out of the bottom of the cupboard one by one. I moved a box out, then thought better of it, as I thought the mouse could easily hide in there. So I stuck it back in the barricaded area, and started to remove the papers in the box one by one. Sure enough, the mouse had been in the box. I then stuck a big plastic tub in the barricaded area and put the box in the plastic tub. As I was moving more paper from the box, the mouse leapt from the box into the plastic tub. I then removed the box from the plastic tub, and put the lid on the tub. Then, I took these photos before taking the mouse over the road and releasing him. He's now living in a nice park near where the other mouse I'd released earlier lives (or maybe it's the same mouse! Who knows!) Anyway, I hope he is happier there than living here ... and if he's not, tough!!! :-) But he's sooo cute! :-) [No, you can't eat him Adel!] :-)