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07 January, 2006

Little Britian + P & P

What better way to spend the evenin than watching the first series of Little Britian followed by Pride and Prejudice. Just doing research on what England is really like in case I return there one day to work ... must get used to eating curry too ... and fish and chips with tonnes of lard. Nah, just kidding. It's not lard ... it's yak fat! Anyway, its sort of funny how Jane Austin captured English courtship from her time period. She must have been an avid watcher of people (as are most writers). The very rich can afford to give offence where ever they go ... lucky b@$t@rd$!!!! Sorry, I seem to have added something to what Elizabeth Bennet said! Darn! I like mine better! ;-) Hope I don't start to get them confused ... Mr Bingley will become the only gay in the villiage - Elizabeth Bennet is a wanna be transvestite and Mr Darcy will become the Prime Ministers aid ... and we all know what happened there! nudge nudge wink wink say no MORE! Anyway, I must practice my Mr Darcy insults in the hoep I land a woman as intelligent and goodlooking as Elizabeth Bennett ... hmm ... and hope it's not the ones mixed in with Little Britian, that'd be scarey!!! Waaaaaaaaaah! :-)