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07 January, 2006

Some Weird Happenings Today

Some weird things happened today. First, a girl I met in Sydney years ago contacted me asking me to join hi5 (The website, NOT the band). So I joined. I only met her for one night. My friend Corey took her home (after texting me on my mobile to LEAVE ... so I did!) Anyway, we kept in contact via e-mail for about a year. She asked me to move to Tokyo and move in with her. I'm not sure if that had any romantic sort of connotations, as my Japanese friends tell me girls and guys don't share flats unless they are a couple ... but, I didn't move to Tokyo, anyway. (Though she's not the first Japanese girl to ask me to move to Japan and move in with them). Anyway, we lost contact about two years ago after her e-mail stopped working. Then, suddenly, I received an e-mail asking me to join hi5. At first I thought it was SPAM. Then I recognised the e-mail address, even though the addy didn't have her name on it. So, I joined hi5, and at present she is my only friend. (ie only friend in Hi5 ... otherwise I sound like Driving Miss Daisy ... Yoko, you're my only friend!) Before that happened though, something else weird happened. My mother came and got me out of bed in order to help her go through the legal documents again. LIKE, it's still before 9AM ... LET ME SLEEEEP!!! My Uncle has bought a New Motorcycle (after vowing years ago never to get another one). My Cousin, (on my mother's side) who was going to have a big lavish wedding is now pruning it back to something smaller. It was going to be huge, with everyone in medieval costumes and some knights sword fighting and my Uncle going as a Wizard and stuff. [Ah yeah, we will have theatre people/entertainers on both sides of the family when the wedding happens, as my Cousins fiance comes from theatre people. Another cousin on my fathers side was a professional actor/singer for a while and my Great Aunt on my fathers side owning a Talent Agency ... which is how my youngest brother got to appear in a movie and stuff.] In other news, my father is apparently coming over this weekend and was going to come here to collect the legal papers which he expects to be signed. As I've previously written, the legal papers are a load of lies and would leave my mother with a heap of problems. So of course, my mother is refusing to sign it until she gets a Solicistor to look at them. We heard about this through my younger brother, who is apparently going to the airport to pick my father up. The reason for his visit, is my Aunty has died. Apparently, she contracted a virus and had a brain haemorrhage. She had apparently been on life support for a while, and last night they turned the machine off. She then died. This morning was the first we had heard about it. I'm not upset about it, as I really didn't know her that well. She is my father's sister. Apparently, my mother used to work with her, and that's how my mother met my father. My last memory of my Aunty was her yelling and swearing at my mother. She then stormed out of our house ripping the flyscreen door off the hinges. The reason she was yelling at my mother, was because she claimed my mother had TRAPPED my father into getting married by getting pregnant. My mother did no such thing. From the stories I've heard from all the family, [lots of different members], it's true my mother got pregnant to my father (and let's face it, it takes two to tango). My mother told my father he didn't have to marry her, BUT, my father married her because his father TOLD HIM TO. [In fact, my father's complete lack of concern for my mother is sort of legendary amongst the family.] Anyway, after that incident, (which happened when I was about eight), we had no contact with my Aunt or her family. So, my Aunt was angry at my mother basically due to the properganda my father started to spread (which didn't gel with everyone else's recollection of events - especially his own father's). Anyway, my mother is feeling sort of weird about it, as she knew my Aunt from when they were teenagers (which at my mother's age of Sixty probably does seem strange to suddenly hear that someone you knew from that time suddenly died). My younger brother, who was all for the legal papers getting signed and was suporting my father appears to have changed sides. When he phoned my mother this morning, he told her NOT to sign the papers. Well, DUH! My mother thinks he has just woken up to the crap my father is trying to pull. Apparently, my father told him some story that Paul owed him for getting him out of trouble at school. The story was completely fictious and went something like this: Some guy supposedly beat me to a pulp, and Paul apparently came ot my aid and beat the guy up. My father then had to go down to the school to stop Paul from getting expelled. The school in question was our old Primary school here in Perth. This is quite insulting, as I was really popular at my primary school. I only started getting the crap beaten out of me once I got to Highschool in Adelaide, and it was never ONE GUY, it was usually a gang of skinheads. Often, I got the crap beaten out of me because my elder brother would organise it. The only fight I actually remember ever happening with my brother Paul in it, was when my elder brother held my arms behind my back while Paul punched me. Both brothers claimed it was an accident! Like PHUC it was!!! [But I got my elder brother back in another fight that he started when I knocked him out ... funny thing was, I felt so bad about it at the time I cried ... now, I think he deserved it. But, I was pretty sensitive back then. Plus, it was just after my pacifistic Buddhist stage that I went through as a teenager. During that stage I never bothered fighting back.] Anyway ... enough trips down memory lane. Just a weird start to a morning.