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30 December, 2005

The World is Full of SOBiatches!

Getting close to finding out what is actually happening with the possible litigation. As you know, the family is a fussin' and a feudin' over stuff at present (see previous RANT from Xmas day). Soem legal papers are being delivered on Tuesday, and my father spoke to my mother and told her NOT TO LET ME HELP HER - he didn't want me picking up the papers, he didn't want me paying for her solicitor. I don't know about you, but that smells of a BIG RAT somewhere. I'm the only one in my family with nothing to gain by helping my mother. If my mother wins, then my youngest brother gets the house when she dies. If my father wins and gets the house, then goodness knows where the house will end up - one thing for sure, I am not in my fathers will. It does look like my other siblings are lining up on his side in order to try to grab a share of the house ... can't believe the friggin' greed! Anyway, I might not be able to blog about it once all the legal crap starts. Not sure if I'll have time either. Anyway, I can see that my father has made moves to try to eliminate me completely from the exercise. One thing I have discovered, I cannot trust my younger brother, he's in it for himself. It's like the old family all over again. No wonder I was so happy when I had zero contact with them all ... I miss Sydney and being away from all the FRIGGIN' CRAP! No matter what happens in this family, they can still shock me with their pettiness and greed and friggin' jealous bullstuff! Anyway, next year will be an interesting year. No one to trust!!! Why am I still friggin' talking to these people!?!?!? Oh well, one thing my selfish family has taught me, the only person I can rely on is ME! The UK trip is starting to look good again ... funny, certain sibloings were happy when I was going to do that ... now that I stayed, they're a bit pissed off ... probably as I stayed to protect my mother ... always friggin' me with everything on the line while these selfish biatches fight over little friggin' bones. I am so over it all ... but so much crap to wade through thansk to their stupidity.