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26 December, 2005

Suanie Pictures

At about 2 AM last night, I decided to do the Miss Suanie pictures. They took me about ten minutes to draw each - so hopefully Suanie won't be too upset with them if they don't look photo realistic or something. It was late - but I was in the mood to draw - so here they are: 1. Suanie blindfolded. one of my favourite Suanie photos - so I decided to draw it first ... 2. Another of my Favourite Suanie photo's, so I decided to draw it second. I like this one best out of the three Suanie pictures I drew ... 3. Last, the Suanie THUMBS up award. The more I tried to improve this one, the more I lost ... I lost her smile somewhere along the way ... waaah! Apologies Suan, it looked good before I started playin with it ... and then it looked sort of .. well, like this. So, I hope Miss Suanie likes them. I did them on A4 Artist paper (you know, that nice thick paper you get from Art Stores ... yeah, that stuff) ... I thought doing it on A4 would make it nice and easy to scan, but the scanned pics looked really bad ... some of the graphite got lost along the way ... so you couldn't see the pics properly. I then stole my bro, Jeff's digital camera and took the photo's above, which is why the pictures aren't 100% straight and have a few darkened corners etc. Tell me what you think. :-) Any more volunteers????? Hee heee! All these pics were done from Photo's off Miss Suanie's site. You can go look for them to compare.