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26 December, 2005

I'm Better Now - dont' send the men in the white coats ... yet.

My apologies about yesterday. Was just very angry by what happened. Good thing is, that after a good nights sleep, (actually, restless ones), my mother has calmed down, I've calmed down (a little) and we're all waiting for the next move and the lawyers and everything. There is a part of my mind which is just 100% on the defensive ... waiting ... waiting ... waiting for something to happen ... well, waiting for what happens next. Always good to get the emotion out the way, ready for the fight. Anyway, my mother is still sure that it's going to be impossible for my father to steal the house from her. We'll wait and see. Doesn't matter. Anyway, started on the front room today (ie, putting in the floor boards), because my mother decided I should start there. I didn't want to start putting the floor in, as I wanted to do my bedroom first ... in fact, we don't have all the floorboards and underlay etc for the front room - it would have fit in my bedroom - now, I'm going to get part the way through (actually, only about one and a half metres in), and we'll run out of material - so I am going to buy some more on Wednesday. Today, I didn't start the cutting the floorboards yet, I just put down the first 1.5 metres of plastic and underlay ... as well as clearing that part of the room. When we did the rest of the house, my mother was in hospital, so we had enough room to move things inot rooms that weren't being used. My mother has forbidden that, so I've rearranged the house a little and moved two of my book cases into the hall, as well as moving a couple of large piles of plasitc tubs into the lounge room - everything else is still in the front room, and I have to move it onto the new floorboards (once put down) in order to progress to the second bit. I can see it's going to be a slow tedious process for one person ... darn it! I missed a CELLO on Ebay at a price I was willing to PAY! Waaaah! Silly me for logging on too late today! Waaaah! Oh well ... I'll wait for the next one. My mother says I'm not allowed to buy drums ... oh well, no room for them anyway! Bwahahaaa!