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30 December, 2005

The Dabido Humour Standard

Said something and no one laughed? Said something and put your foot right in your mouth? Said something and it just came out so WRONG that you've been labeled the most uncaring B@$t@rd on the planet? What you need, is the Dabido Humour Standard Symbol. (Only $129.95) The above symbol shows that your comment was not only funny, but it reached such a standard of excellence that it was Dabido Humour Standard Compliant (DHSC). The reason others just didn't laugh, was it went over their heads. The reason it sounded WRONG was it was so cutting edge, that everyone else is behind the curve. The reason it came out uncaring or even downright EVIL, was because it was using reverse psychology. There are many reasons your comments were truely hilarious and no one understood - and the Dabido Humour Standard of Excellence Symbol proves this. The symbol proves you are cutting edge, have penetrating insight, have extremely incisive wit, true sardonic observational powers, piercing razor-sharp perceptions. It's not your fault everyone else in the world is a prat! Look for the symbol with the Tick that looks like a p3n!s on the emoticons head.