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29 December, 2005

Hard Friggin' Life!!!

I'm not in a good mood at the moment. Other than getting a FRIGGIN' Earful from my mother in one of her 'David is so lazy' diatribes, I also had to put up with her 'My life was so hard' monologues and a 'Your life has been so easy' monologues. Earlier today I had to put up her 'Your asthma isn't as bad as your brothers', when she knows it is. Just all my life, whenever I've had an asthma attack, my parents always made out it was a friggin' panic attack or something. Always with some friggin' patronising comments. 'Oh, did someone say something nasty to you? Diddums' 'Oh, what's the matter? Didn't get your own way.' NO YOU FRIGGIN' IDIOTS! I CAN'T FRIGGIN' BREATH AND IT'S ASTHMA!!!! The 'David is so lazy' bit today was because she wanted me to work on the front room floor. Sometimes it is easy to translate. The 'My life has been hard, and your life has been a bed of roses' thing was because she wanted me to go buy her chips. Instead, I'm cooking her a pizza. The 'Your Brother's asthma is worse than yours' was because she started to complain about not sleeping well, and I, in turn was complaining about not being able to breath properly last night. My nasal passages had problems staying open. I recently swapped the Mouth Splint for a CPAP machine (basically it's a compressor with a nasal mask which puts pressurised air into me to make sure I don't stop breathing while I am asleep). Last night the machine wasn't keeping my nasal passages open, as my adnoids were really swollen from an allergic reaction ... so I had to breath through my mouth ... so, the price of trying to explain why I was so tired today, and had such a bad sleep last night, was to have my mother tease me and make out my health problems are just my imagination and not serious. People wonder why I have so many FRIGGIN' problems with my family. No matter WHAT happens to me, they always pretend my life is a walk in the park ... and no matter what I do, it's apparently really easy and any idiot can do it ... which is why my 'A' grades at school were never as good as my elder brother's 'C' grades! I get so sick of it. No wonder I always want to move back to Sydney. ANYWAY! It's a new year soon. I'm going to start going to Japanese Conversational classes on Thursday nights - so should meet some nice Japanese girls ... hopefully the business will do well, and I will earn enough to move into my own home. (Like, I am planning to stay here till I can afford to OWN a house, not just move out and rent a place). I'm also planning on entering the Archibald Prize. Australia's Premier portrait prize competition. I doubt I'll win, as it is likethe Creme d'la creme of prizes. But, will be nice to enter, and if lucky get the painting hung ... we'll see how it goes. :-) Of course, it might mean putting up with more ridicule from the friggin' family ... and if I get my painting hung or something, then it'll be deemed something any idiot could have done ... I should have some novels ready in the new year too ... let's get them published. Then, back to working on the music. So much to do ... so little time ... so much FRIGGIN' ridicule to wade through from the family!!!