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23 December, 2005

Latest Drawings

Here are my latest drawings ... consisting of my continued obsession with Japanese Ladies. They were too big to fit on my flatbed scanner, so I had to use the ol' Digital camera, which explains why they aren't 100% lined up straight and stuff, and a bit dark around the edges. ANYWAT ... anyone wanting me to draw someone like FireAngel, or Suanie, or someone ... just convince them I am okay at this drawing thing and get them to ask me to draw them ... actually, are thre any ladies out there who actually read my blog want me to draw them ... on my old University site I put in a call for people (in general) as I had a heap of stuff I wanted to do, but no one ever volunteered ... am I that bad? nah, i can't be, I've been exhibited at Darling Harbour Sydney ... Anyhow, anyone wanting to volunteer a picture of themselves, or able to convince someone else to pose, and I'll see if I can get around to doing a drawing of them. I have a feeling the 'We Love Fire Angel' site might want a few ... but I won't do it without her permission and stuff ... Check out the pictures anyway, and tell me what you think and stuff.