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25 December, 2005

Christmas Day Lunch

We all went over to my sisters for Xmas day lunch. Was sort of good - my family always have a way of turning any happy occassion into something controversial. This year it was my younger brother (Paul) possibly handing my mother's house over to my father. If what I think is happening, we may be in for a very long ugly law suit with the possiblity of my mother losing the house, and my mother, youngest brother (Jeffrey) and myself being homeless. (Well, hopefully not for long) ... but, point is, my mother is feeling very betrayed, my youngest brother is scared beyond belief and I'm just worried that in order to keep the house, she's going to have to employ some expensive lawyers, from which the cost will probably be the same as the house anyway. It might turn really FRIGGIN' Ugly ... and as per usual, the person expected to bail everyone out is going to be me. I feel like I'm in the middle of some weird twisted version of King Lear. My brother Paul insists nothing bad is going to come from it all, but I've heard those words before. We'll see what happens. I can only see a FRIGGIN' disaster looming, and I hate it when people f*ckin' backstab you and then try to make out they're all innocent. If this goes sour in any way, he'll be the fourth member of my family I'll disown ... and if we find out my sister is in co-hoots, then there may be a fourth ... yeah, I'm running out of family ... but, hard to explain, you'd have to have lived it, with certain members of my family being driven by MONEY and what they can get rather than caring for each other and actually supporting each other. Actually, I've never had much support from my family anyway. There is a part of me that regrets EVER leavin Sydney to come to this hell hole. And part of the 'HELL' bit is the f*ckin' family politics and petty jealousies and crap I have to put up with. In a way, if it is a f*ckin' attempt to steal my mtoher's house, then I'm f*ckin' glad I've returned in order to help protect her. My mother's been throguh enough CRAP form my father and Eldest brother without the need for my father and younger brother to try this SH!T on her again!!! When I was in Sydney, I used to talk to my father for a short time (only because the WIFE at the time made me), and all he talked about was stealing the F*CKIN house from my mother so he could buy himself a F*CKin' YACHT ... and my brother Paul has given over information concerning the house to my father (informatin off the official papers etc), and assures us my father has only GOOD intensions! [LIKE F*CK! We're talking about a guy who ha spent most of his life trying to leave my mother penniless and destitute, walked out on the family I DON'T KNOW HOW MANY F*CKIN' TIMES - threw me out of home, tried to sign my YOUNGEST BROTHER up in the merchant navy - tried to get my youngest brother committed - tells people I'm gay -tells peopel my mother is MAD and FUCK KNOWS WHAT FUCKING ELSE!!!!!] Sorry, a bit pee'd off! Anyway, my mother is fucking Freaking out, as the house she saved up the deposit for, and also fuckin had to work in a factory in order to pay off might be gettin fucking stolen from under her! So, I'm basically getting my money a little liquid just in case I need to hire bloody lawyers in order to keep a roof over my mothers head. Life jsut isn't fair, when the rich fucking arseholes of the world can just walk in and take your life over and take whatever you own! Anyway, if worse comes to worst, I'll fuck off from this fucking country and go back to the UK, and if I'm the only person willing to take care of my mother and youngest brother, then I'll take them with me too. But I'm also willing to fucking make it expensive for them to try to steal the house from my mother! I won't leave for the UK till the fight is over! Anyway, tomorrow is a public holiday and my mother will be calling a lawyer on Tuesday. We'll see what happens. It certainly ruined Xmas for my mother and youngest brother and I'm not in the best of moods either. And as my mother says, it was TIMED RIGHT when she had major fucking surgury!!! As she says, they like to try to hit her when she's weakest! ANYWAY ... nto to ruin your night or day, because let's face it, Xmas is supposed ot be good will to EVERY FUCKER on the planet! So, here is what happened BEFORE that crap! Got up - we sat around discussing exchanging presents - I started to play soem guitar (because let's face it, Guitar makes me HAPPY) ... my mother decide we needed to Xchange presents. I gave my mother a Box Set of Billy Connolly DVD's, because let's face it, he is FUCKIN' FUNNY(yeah, I'm still fucking swearing ... sorry. I'm startin to sound like FUCKSTRESS [I think that's the first time I've used her name without spelling it FS, FStress or F*ckstress! Oh well, might be the last time, unless bad stuff keeps happening!]). I gave my brother a Box set of DVD's of Space: 1999 - an old TV series he likes. My brother gave my mother the complete Thuderbirds Series on DVD. My mother and brother gave me two things - first STARCRAFT and second a Cream GOLD CD. Those too young, or not familiar with CREAM, it starred ERIC CLAPTON [Guitar] (whom I assume you've heard of) as well as Ginger baker [Drums] and Jack Bruce [Bass]. My mother gave my brother a Box set of DVD's which were Train Documentaries. We gave the dogs some chewy bone things, but they didn't want to touch them at first ... weird. They've been having a lack of appetite lately. I'm not sure why. I hoep no one is throwing stuff over the fence for them to find. We found that once, someone had chucked chicken necks over the fence. We found them and threw them away, but I wanted my mother to report it to the police, in case someone was trying to poison the dogs. Anyway, eventually, they ate them, but took some coaxing. I then loaded the car up with the presents, and we had BIG presents for the kids this year ... and I drove us to my sisters place. Was sort of good - I only ate salad as I suspected the potato bake had bits of meat in it. I can't afford to go and die of an allergic reaction when I need to protect my mother and youngest brother. Anyway, ate heaps of junk anyway. Too much softdrinks and I think I am FAT FAT FAT FAT FAT FAT FAT FAT ... FATTER! GROAN! Too much to eat. Anyway, we played cricket out the back - not that I am into cricket or anything ... I let my nephew bowl me out. As my brother Paul said, it was so damn obvious as I lifted the bat over my head ... but Ethan (my nephew) ws so excited that he'd bowled me out. It was funny. Then we all headed home. Got home and my mother and brother were fuming over my brother Paul (and the house thing). We'll see how it goes. Then my brother put some holes in the ceiling and we ran my internet cable through the roof, as I've been using my laptop and internet from the lounge, as the cable used to run under the horrible moldy carpet before I put the floro boards down. My mother kept complaining she wanted me back in the front room - which is funny, as everyone's been piling their CRAP in my front room, and I can't even get to my desk. So I'll have to clean the front room of all the crap in order to use the internet from their anyway ... I'll do that tomorrow. Anyway, we'll see how it all turns out. A little to do tomorrow. Important stuff ... now I'm feeling sick fom eatin so much CRAP!!!! hope you all had Merry Xmas's, and hopefully mine (and my mother's and brothers will turn out Okay before the end of the year). Cheers.