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21 December, 2005

FUTURAMA Reloaded????

It might look like I'm a little bored today, with many posts ... many comments on other sites ... a bear movie ... um ... er... Some good news today, looks like they MIGHT resurrect Futurama (okay, we hear talk of movies and other things ... but FOX, IF YOU'RE LISTENING, GET YOUR ASSES INTO GEAR AND RESURRECT THIS BABY! IT's an ORDER! From Me ... um ..yeah ...) I think it might have gone over better if the idiots at SEVEN had put it on at a NORMAL timeslot, instead of ...what was it 11:30 ... then midnight ... then 12:30 AM ... then 1 AM ... then GONE!!! The Simpsons worked as it was on at PRIME TIME! Now Ten has picked up Futurama and put it on at PRIME TIME and THEY HAVE A HIT!!!! Well done Channel Ten. Good to see someone with BRAINS!!!! Seven made the same mistakes with King of the Hill and I think it was Family Guy ... two other good Adult cartoons ... but with time slots like MIDNIGHT, they wonder why they weren't doing too well ... I either had to stay awake till midnight or tape it and watch it later ... the average viewer can't be bothered doing that ... and what about the STAR TREK Franchises ... that was ANOTHER good show lumbered with a late time slot ... and Babylon FIVE ... I don't even remember that HITTING FREE TO AIR TV ... or did I miss it because it was on at 1 friggin' AM!!! Yet, they repeatedly put on CRAP at all other hours. AND WHERE IS BATTLESTARS NEXT SERIES!!!! I read it was going to be shown in OCTOBER ... and IT WASN'T!!! Where IS IT!!!! No wonder no one watches TELEVISION anymore ... the good shows are on while we sleep and the CRAP IS ON while we're awake ... and they wonder why I prefer the internet and DVD and COMPUTER GAMES!!!! And Hollywood MOVIES ... TOTAL CRAP!!!!! Make something good you loosers!