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22 December, 2005


I knew Suanie loved me for something ... even if it is just as the butt of a joke. Woo hoo! I pwned! Oh wait, that's not good ... oh well. I like these awards, as i really don't think anyone could ahve beaten me for that award, and truely, the person who got it deserved it ... after all, my meandering comments are often longer than some peoples entire blog content. Check out the other awards. I think they truely went to the correct people as far as category allocation went. It's better than most award crap, which goes to 'Most Popular' even when the so called award was supposed to go to most talented. I remember when we had awards at work. Often the awards went to the wrong people. One guy screwed up really badly, thenspent two days fixing the problem and won an award for it ... I thought that one was good. Imagine if he did his job right to begin with, he wouldn't have received a thing ... I received one award for fixing something at work once - the funny thing was, it was someone elses job, and I had shreds torn off me by my manager for fixing the problem. (Was a Sys Admin problem ... I wasn't a Sys Admin at the time). Talk about mixed signals - told off for NOT getting the Sys Admins to fix it (which would have taken hours, compared to my 'less than a minute'), then handed a BIG AWARD! Bleh! No wonder I HATE Corporate life! The funny thing is, a lot of the awards went to people who normally didn't work back, didn't do much, and were awarded for crap they screwed up. Other people, who always worked hard, worked long hours and never screwed up never received a thing. Then there are other people who, rumour had it, were awarded for 'sleeping with the boss'. I was there once when a boss was making 'suggestions' to a girl that he could 'advance' her career in the direction she wanted. All she needed to do was 'ONE THING'. In fact, that boss and that girl had a long running ... episode (shall I call it), where he was always offering that 'advancement' and she was always saying 'no'. She eventually QUIT! Smart girl. So, if I had an award, I'd hand one to Suanie for 'Most honest Blog Awards I've seen'. :-)